Friday, 26 June 2009

How To Mix Titanium Dioxide into soap

on left - TD & ultramarine blue mix
on right - TD mix

TD being stick blended into lightly traced soap

the two batches ready for pouring.

The other day on Twitter, I was asked by Jo at The Soap Bar how I get my soaps so white? She knew it was TD but asked when I added the lye solution? No.....
Here's a quick lesson:
I add it when the soap mix has reached a light trace.
In a 10lb batch (4KG for UK readers) I add 30g of TD to 50g of superfatting oil (I use either sweet almond, avocado, rice bran but on this occasion I used 50g of organic soya bean oil) and mix.
Add this mix to your lightly traced soap and stick blend so as to make sure the batch has dissolved it all (avoiding bits of TD being suspended).
If you want to split the batch into two colours, then first reach light trace, add your FO's or EO's and pour half of the soap into another container.
This time, I wanted a pale blue top with a white bottom, so I mixed the TD as above, but split it into 2 bowls, then to the other bowl, I added about 1/4 tsp of ultramarine blue and mixed before adding to one part of the soap.
I then simply poured the white soap into the mold, dusted on some cocoa powder to make a nice black line in the finished soap, then poured on the pale blue mix on top and peaked it with a chop stick.
To this organic mix, I did an EO combo of Juniper, Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Patchouli & Ho Wood.
This is my first batch of organic soap. More to come, which I will show when ready.


Ka fée said...

I put TD in oils just before added Lye solution. With this method there are not bits of TD suspending and my soaps are very white.

FuturePrimitive said...

hmm, i think quite a few folks do that. that's ok, if you want the whole batch white...

Ka fée said...

Yes it's sure ;-)

The Bath Project said...

thank you for sharing this! I've been wondering about using TD for awhile now, so this is a great help =o)

Joanna said...

Thank you. My TD always end up speckly and I've stopped using it. Your soap is very pretty, indeed!! Way to go!!

Jennifer said...

I have a question for you, this may be a simple one, but bare with me! If you have an FO that does discolour, will this halt it?

You added the TD to the blue, so what exactly does the TD do, enhance the color?

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi're welcome & thanks x

Hi Jennifer...well, if you get discoloration with an FO you could add a smidge more TD to make the bar whiter..but you may still end up with a slightly creamy colour, which is no bad - best to just experiment til you're happy. I added the blue to the TD to make a pale blue - otherwise the blue alone would be royal blue. Hope this helps x

Livtic Jungle said...

hi, i'm a newbie in soapmaking. can i ask you, is it because i use TD so my batch is firm quickly, just like your #11CP Soap? is it normal?

Tracy said...

I have used TD before & had it work great. But, I have had a few batches be very 'crumbly' and not harder up too. I am wondering if that has to do with too much TD by chance? Help!