Saturday, 27 June 2009

the results of Titanium Dioxide & Ultramarine Blue

the result...

My new pal

cut logs...

So, after my little tutorial yesterday here are the results.
The bars have just been cut.
One thing I must warn about is the smell the ultramarine gives off after the immediate cut.
It smells a little sulphuric, but soon cures out of the bars and leaves the EO/FO scent behind.
I have thrown whole batches away in the past because I was inexperienced and thought that the stench would render the bars forever horrid!
Just stick with them, and don't worry....(like i did).
TD, however leaves no smell at all....did you know it is a very effective natural sunscreen? Did you also know that it is used in every single foundation in liquid form? Did you know that it was used to paint the space shuttle? Did you know it is a large component of most emulsion paints....?
Now you do! The name Titanium Dioxide makes folks think of nasty chemical un-natural stuff, but it is in fact a naturally occurring mineral (from rutile rock). It even gets used in skimmed milk - which is just plain wrong...milk is off white - not stark white so leave it that way!
On another note - check out the moth on my Tracycarpus. Found him this morning at 8am, and he's still there now...11am.
Wish I was at Glastonbury...watched 'The Specials' on the box last night...they were ACE!
Not sure what's on today, but will take a butchers later. (that's a butchers hook (look) for you lot from across the pond)!


kat said...

Absolutely stunning! I add a bit of kaolin clay to the TD mix for my whitest white.

Amy W said...

Love the look of the cocoa powder between the colors - really sets them off!

P.S. I still don't understand the butcher comment, but I suppose that's to be expected! I wonder if I could understand you at all IRL! Ha!

The Bath Project said...

thats so pretty! I really like the dark line between the colors