Monday, 22 June 2009

Toto, We're Not In Kansas anymore...

'Toto & Dorothy' buttercream bombs

new biodegradable cellophane packets

'hot doughnut' bath cakes

new organic palm and shea from

I had made some buttercream bombs the other day, which turned out wrong because I forgot that I really did need to use cocoa butter to make 'em I have put them to good use and added them to a fresh bomb batch.
This time I added a little red colourant and a dusting of red glitter, along with a piece of hibiscus flower on the top. The scent is 'Applejack', which is a nice rich cinnamon apple scent. An autumn bomb really, but the aroma is so good that I'd use them anytime. They will be available in my etsy to buy once they are turned out of their cupcake molds.
Also, this past week, I have made some 'Hot Doughnut' bath cakes with added fair trade demerera sugar. They smell just like hot doughnuts, though the scent is 'Freshly Baked Bread' which Jo uses in a soap. Matt came home from his slipware pottery weekend and said "I smell biscuits"...poor soul. He could've eaten a bath cake but I doubt it would've lived up to his expectations.

I have just made a batch of long awaited 'South Pacific' cocoa butter bombs - the same scent and layering as my soap -which is on sale in my etsy if you'd like to bag a bargain - it's only on sale as it's the old tile shaped bar - still the same gorgeously fresh sea breeze scented bar in a 6oz tile. To the top of the bombs, I sprinkled on some sea salt and topped them off with sea kelp pod.
I have some new organic oils & butters for the new organic soap range..just waiting for some coconut oil and I'm away; though I've not thought up any recipes yet. More bedtime reading and jotting on yet another ideas list.

Yet more soap packaging - this time in biodegradable cello bags, which I actually prefer to my FuturePrimitive paper. And after receiving a bit of feedback, so does everybody else... Good, cos they're a lot easier and quicker to package!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

they are such pretty little things too :)

Michelle said...

I missed so much while I was away. You made lots of goodies. I'll be back later to catch up :)

Amy W said...

I find it hilarious that even in the U.K. there are references to the Wizard of Oz.

-a true Kansas girl

FuturePrimitive said...

hello Amy. Well, the movie is so completely universal! Aunty em, Aunty em...

Joanna said...

Ohhhhhh, those bath cakes makes me want to go get my napkin and plate. Is it breakfast yet??