Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dan Finnegan & A Bar of Soap

Potter Extraordinaire - and a lovely lovely man. Meet Dan Finnegan on his blog here.
This was his 27th visit to the UK. He lived and worked here as a young lad after blagging his way into Winchcombe Pottery.
After pestering Ray Finch for a while for a position in the world reknown ramshackle pottery, (and about to go home to the US after so many failed attempts to 'get in'), Mr Finch actually asked him to stay and offered him a job. Can't remember how much he said he got paid - but not much as I recall. He set up sticks and lived in Stanton, which is a little village just outside of Broadway, which is pretty funny considering there really isn't much to do there at all - and at a young age, Dans brain must've hungered for something more surely...!
So, Beer it was!
Anyhow, we met up with him at a local pub - The Oak at Gretton, and had a few ales and a good old chin wag about all sorts. A good time and a great laugh. He had lots to tell us about our local area!
So, cheers me old mucker - I had a fab eve.

Onto soap......

new organic soap with bran for a slight scrub. Essential oils of lavender, fennel, lemon & geranium. Got to think of a name again...god, this gets hard.
I have my mum on the case this time. Something gardeny, something scrubby - but not 'Gardeners Hand Scrub' Bar.....! yawn.

a close up of the topping. some leftover soap shreds cut up into teeny cubes.
It smells gooooood!


Lomond Soap said...

What a bonnie soap, I love fennel :) Your soap looks like some layered bath salts I made last night.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

with bran, its probably good for you too :)

Dan Finnegan said...

You're a funny Girl!
I want to discuss buying a quantity of soap to take back to sell at the Art Center! I hope to see you both soon.

FuturePrimitive said...

thanks all.
No probs Dan - will meet for booze and a discussion - just say the word.

Amy W said...

Every time I try a layered soap like that, the layers get all mixed up. You must have a very heavy trace to get them to stay put. Looks fantastic!

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Ames...a very heavy trace indeed. using E.O's allows you a lot more time than F.O's, so you can literally spoon the thick mixture in and smear it around - like icing a cake...x