Friday, 28 August 2009

following in the footsteps of the soaping heroes

where i was this bank holiday weekend.

vanilla buttercream by innerearthsoaps

Geranium & Patchouli slice by FuturePrimitive

'cutie pies' by Sudstress

chocolate almond cake by producbody
has now sold out! so click here instead to view jo's toffee soap...yum

chocolate coconut cream by SVSoaps

caffe vaniglia by saponisimo

cafe mocha by DECA Candles

There's a first time for everything....
This weekend I did a small plant/soap/tools sale in a beautiful setting....Overbury Estate.
I sold MORE SOAP than I did plants! So happy!
That has never happened before, but I got lots of comments about them, and lots of sales so I came away full of inspiration to make more...
The plants still sold, but it's a funny time of year now...the leaves are about to fall and that autumn 'nip' is in the air...i like it.
Conkers are pretty much ready, so I may take a walk later and open some up. I feel like a kid when the conkers are it!
Today I am going to the Fishing Festival in Evesham for a well-earned rest.
Last year there was this guy selling the most amazing fudge, so I'm off to find him again. He'd better be there...
He sells his fudge in logs and they're all covered in lovely things...coconut shreds, name it, you got it...and he cuts it in front of you (if you're not Pig enough to buy a whole log) with a big fudge slice (bit like a soap cutter...wish I had his job!).

So...for now, I leave you with some soap pics and links inspired by lovely foods.
I did sneak my own Geranium Patchouli slice in there...well it does smell heavenly and it has a cocoa powder line!



innerearthsoaps said...

Thanks for including my soap amongst these lovelies! x

FuturePrimitive said...

you're welcome...i love the look of your soaps. amaze!

Amy W said...

Congratulations! It's always a rush when people love your product! :)

Anna said...

Very nice! Now I'll have to admit...whats a conker?

FuturePrimitive said...

here you go Anna...this is what they are...!