Saturday, 1 August 2009

Gwithian Dreams

About to crack open the houmous and tiger bread.

Happy in my tent with my own duvet!

Matt at the top of Gwithian

Gwithian sunset

Cold, but I had a toe dip

St. Ives ceramics. And a wonderful deer hound, named Sid.
I'd love to have brought the dog home...!

Nic Collins tasty pot outside The Leach Pottery. Damn that boy makes some fine pots.
Absolutely love this...and HAD to touch it.

Gloomy, spooky St. Ives

but after one of these and a lovely stone-baked pizza.....

this happened. At 4pm precisely.
Pottery at The Leach Museum.

We packed our belongings for a few days rest and recuperation in Cornwall, England.
In dire need of a break, we did this little trip last minute and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The drive down took about 4 hours as usual. As soon as we hit Cornwall, it rained...and I mean rained! Terrential downpours all night. The noise inside our tent was not desirable...sounded like a bunch of bloody bombs going off and the wind...well, let me tell you...batten down the hatches or what..
The next day wasn't much better, but I'd had a forecast from my sister via voicemail, which said come 4pm Cornwall will be'll never believe it, but it was BANG ON 4pm that the sun decided to decend upon St. Ives. Everybody took to the beach and there were smiles all round. British people are great and very funny in these circumstances. It's like everybody had been given a happy pill with an instant effect.
We spent a few days visiting spots we love, and made our way home on Friday, which incidentally took 6 hours. Some idiot decided to bang into another idiot at junction 18 on the M5. Right on the bridge...what are they, nuts? Anyway, those fools caused a tail back for a few miles, which 'brought out the best' in the British driving public. Just imagine that for a second.
Matt's car decided to overheat as well, so our little break almost turned into a little nervous breakdown!
Glad to be home - you bet yer ass we are. Soap to be made, pots to be thrown and a cat to be snuggled.
Next stop....tropical island!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh great pics indeed!

Lomond Soap said...

Was going to ask where Gwithian was till I read! We keep threatening to go camping but as yet haven't. I love the thought of it but not the reality. That said my OH is currently camping at a festival so maybe he will come back with notions of camping?!
We'll see!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed your pic's, thanks for sharing. I must ask... why does the inside of your tent look so comfy and everytime I go camping my back aches and it looks crappy? LOL!!!

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi corrie - you gotta try it..even just once.

Hi Michelle...air bed is the answer!

Michelle said...

I definitely need to get me one of those! :)

innerearthsoaps said...

You have been nominated for a "One Lovely Blog" award! Check out more details here on my blog:

Hannah said...

Hi Tig,
My goodies arrived this afternoon, thanking you very much. Hope their recipients enjoy them. Lovely wee tin for the lip balm, very sweet, almost kept it myself. Just need a plant now for my new pot, may leave that till I get back from my hols.
Take care,

FuturePrimitive said...

coool! thanks h. glad it all got to you safely. have a great hol x