Wednesday, 26 August 2009

i'm going through changes...

new - mango & blackberry bath melts
new lime, basil & grass bath melts
my favourite pastime you are all aware..
'almond biscotti' - my new soap inspired by posh coffee shops.

The Wryneck - a rare woodpecker type bird - sadly maimed by a filthy feline

been away a while..sorry folks.
had a bit of a hectic time of it lately. seems to be all work work work..and to be honest I've been a tad addicted to twitter. it takes less time and effort!
so anyway, i've been busy making still....the organic range of soap has shot off the shelves, and now i need to re-stock. i didn't expect that..i sold out of 3 types already.
thanks to all who have purchased - whether from the website or from local stockists.
this weekend i have a plant/soap sale in Overbury, Glos so if you want to come and meet me and buy some goodies i'd be very glad to see you.
other goodies made include more buttercream bath melts...made with organic cocoa butter & clays for colour. love making easy to do with great results.
i'm afraid i shan't be listing any yet as i generally just make them for me. but if you should want some, drop me a line.
other news:
matts' parents have a naughty cat, who recently killed a rare bird..a wryneck. see the pic. these are almost extinct in the UK...well they are now thanks to Ziggy! though, if there's one then surely there are more...? it had beautiful feathers. wend and pete put him in the freezer and the people from the RSPB are coming out to pick it up for research.
there it was idly eating ants on the lawn...when it was visciously attacked by a chav cat! wouldn't be surprised if that Ziggy sports a burberry hat and reebok classics...

more news: more goodies available from Matt - he has finally uploaded a stack of pots to his Etsy, which I'm pleased about! been nudging him for weeks...
click here to view his shop - nicest pots available this side of....erm....well....just lovely pots!
i'm incredibly impressed by the latest ones...and they're all up there for sale. going quick get in there!
the mugs are extra special.
so....that'll do you for now. will be back...promise


Michelle said...

Bath melts are my new addiction and yours look wonderful! The pots are gorgeous, I'll save that as a fav on etsy :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you have some nice pots in the kitchen there, don't you? :)

Anne-Marie said...

The almond biscotti soap is beautiful (and posh).

innerearthsoaps said...

Beautiful products, as always ;)

amy grimmitt said...

tiggy my cat is not a chav just a classy bird is the best for her;-) i love the soaps adns the lemon cirton is lovely!

FuturePrimitive said...

ha! soz amy..
Wow - anne marie...thank you for dropping by and for your comment..and thanks all of you! x

soap is hardening up nicely...twas a bit wet when it was cut. i think sometimes when mixing F.O's the soap finds it difficult to act in the correct manner (!), but this one seems ok now....

Dan Finnegan said...

First, you've conquered Conderton, now on to Overbury, what's next, the top of Bredon Hill? (What takes you to Overbury?)
Sorry about the bird's demise...I love cats, but they can so vicious some days.
I love reading your blog and seeing your soap business flourish.

Alex Mason said...

Gorgeous looking soaps! Have a great weekend xx

soubriquet said...

I keep thinking how delicious those soaps look.
Thoroughly edible... Now I need to go out and buy something with cream or meringue, or both... and start foaming at the mouth.

Feeling quite rabid now!