Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Introducing 'PEELER SURF'

Peeler Surf is a British Eco Surf Co.
The peeps behind Peeler are doing such a good job of promo-ing all things eco within the surf world, and
I am at present working on some organic surf wax for them. 
A few more samples to trial and we reckon it will be 'bang on'.
All exciting stuff.
The Peeler website is simplistic and clean-looking and if you click on 'freshly peeled' you can keep up with the peeler blog too.

Click HERE to visit this great eco friendly surf site.
Peeler have been very good to me and have now listed my soaps for calling all surf chicks (and dirty dudes)...check 'em out.  They got some goods you need...

Particularly loving the handmade necklaces

click here to view my awesome soaps within their range.
They have taken varieties, which suit their company aesthetics.  So..we'll see how they go and maybe offer a larger range if they take flight.

I'd best get a link up here somewhere..and on the FP website....


Alex Mason said...

thats fantastic! your soaps look great, hope your having a good week x x

Dan Finnegan said...

Hello, my dear. Toff and Georgie are about to ship my crate to the good ol' US of you have some/any/all of my order ready to go? I have fans of yours here now that are waiting!