Friday, 18 September 2009

New Echinacea's...please don't do it to yourselves..!

Echinacea 'TOMATO SOUP'

Echinacea 'TIKI TORCH'

Purdy ain't they?
I know you all want them.  The names are 'showcase' good....but please people don't be fooled.
The bloody things die as soon as you look at 'em.
They hate life.
They are the thoroughbred racehorses of the plant world.
They are difficult to get going. They are incredibly temperamental.  They show off at any given opportunity.
And...they stand absolutely no chance of survival in our British climate...well not as it is at present.
No...I've never seen Tom Soup in flower...or Tiki Torch. I've never had them in stock long enough to see them..and I've never had one survive long enough for me to experience it.
So...stick to the old ones peeps.  Far more reliable.
The best 'new' ones in my experience are:
Fatal Attraction
Harvest Moon (though this is susceptible to death if too cold & wet)
Summer Sky
Coconut Lime

and the old ones:
purpurea Rubinstern
purpurea Rubin Glow
Kims Knee High's a case of  'OUT WITH THE NEW AND IN WITH THE OLD'

Thanks for listening!

BTW...if you have managed to keep any newbies tell us all here. 
Tips anyone?


innerearthsoaps said...

These look so pretty!

In answer to your question - I do have a good camera, or rather, my partner does. It's a canon digital SLR. I'm lucky that way :P

Hannah said...

Well well, now I know what it looks like. II would never have known that what was in my tea looked like that. Looks better than it tastes!