Friday, 25 September 2009

soap spirals and movie stills

spiralling soaps

close ups...

Not feeling good today, but here's a little post for you.
You can see i've obviously had time on my hands - look at my spiral!
Oh, and an insight into one of my all time favourite movies, which I've seen more times than is normal.
In a soaping afternoon on so I may well put it on for a little background noise.
On the agenda for soapmaking:
humbug - sold out
lagoon - only 1 left
sundown - 2 left
potters bar - sold out
the orangery - 2 left
snowdrift - 3 left

I'm sure you really needed to know that!  Never mind. My head is full of cold, so you'll just have to put up with my delirious dopey speak.
Not a lot going on really. Autumn is well upon us...though the days have been soooo warm lately.  Conkers are all over the shop.  Walnuts are ready ( i gathered some at Cotswold Garden Flowers yesterday where I was working again for Bob).
The Malvern Autumn Spring Show is on this weekend too....and then next week is our annual MOP.
The MOP is a fair, which has ran in this town ever since i've been alive and way before that.
Shame they don't have the old style helter skelter with the rush matts anymore.  I'd have chucked myself down it!  Now it's all new-fangled 'super rides', which are just cheap and nasty.
Anyhooo, I could rant all afternoon, but I shant. I'll be off now for a coffee to sustain me and I may 'tweet' a bit later.
See ya


Alex Mason said...

Hope you are feeling better! xx

Lomond Soap said...

Sorry you're not feeling good :(
You've got a lot of soap to make! Me too ;)
One of these days I must settle on a range and stick to it. Maybe next year. Part of the fun is trying new things, fragrances etc.

this wheel's on fire said...

Great post :D Thanks so much for your kind words xo

Joanna said...

I am in love with your soap swirl! That is art ...

...and boredom? Perhaps? ;)

Anne-Marie said...

The soapy swirl is mesmerizing . Can't. Stop. Looking. At. It =)

P.S. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my faves!

Anna said...

So the cold I cant shake is across the pond too?? We're looking forward to your soap here at LibertyTown!

FuturePrimitive said...

Yay...Anne-Marie loves one of my all time faves too. It's the best for giving one that super-warm feeling inside.
yes Anna! we're all struck down with the lurgey here. a cold with a tight band of pain across the forehead..not good.
i hope you looooove the soaps...!

maty said...

estas escenas son de una pelicula maravillosa ^^ tomate sverdes fritos ^^ es una de mis peliculas favoritas..... es preciosa !!