Saturday, 10 October 2009

My Mum - the painter

My mum has painted reclaimed items for years.
The detail in her painting is quite unbelievable.
She notices every tiny vein in leaves, each hair on every flower stem.
She has been a nature lover from the day she was born and sees things in nature that most of us don't ever notice.
She is a true country artisan.
She doesn't think her items are worth much....she just enjoys the peace and solitude she gains when painting. I tell her she's nuts.
We all have some amazing pieces dotted around our homes.  Some that she painted up to 10 years ago have stood the test of time and still look as good now as they did when she first did them.
Nothing she paints ever seems to date.
So....when she and my pops started to make these birdboxes, I said 'hey, i'll try and sell a few of those for you if you like'....
'nah, don't be daft' came the reply!
Finally we convinced her, so I took pics last weekend ready to upload into Etsy.
If you click here you can see them all for sale on my etsy garden shop.
They will make gorgeous handmade xmas presents. And, they're reasonably priced too...especially considering the work that has gone into them.

These are just a few. More can be found on Etsy. And...more are being made and painted.
Great ain't she!


Amy W said...

Wow!! Creativity definitely runs in the family. Those are beautiful!!

this wheel's on fire said...

so cute!