Wednesday, 25 November 2009

craft fairs..oh and the importance of etsy feedback

new batch of 'Lagoon' - a dreamy airy scent with Lavender, Geranium & Patchouli essential oils, French green clay and cocoa butter. coloured with TD and chromium green oxide with a smidge of charcoal and ultramarine blue.

close up of the painting by mum

A beautiful box painted by my mummy.

Matt and I on our stand at Leamington (yes, it does look like a jumble!)

Yes, i know it's been a while.
been a little hectic lately...getting soaps ready for up coming craft events.
I don't have many to do, which is stupid as i have hundreds of soaps available!
Oh least i know what i gotta do next year and i don't have to rush at the mo to make soap..which is just as well as i've run out of most of the ingredients.
So, last weekend matt and I did a craft fair in Leamington, Warks. I was looking forward to it and thought i would come away having made a few quid.
The recession really did hit bad didn't it.
I made £2 more than i put in to do the fair.
I think it just fell at the wrong time of the month. if it was december and maybe 2 weeks before xmas folks may have been inclined to spend..but not at the end of november. n learn people. Christmas fairs are best right near to christmas eve.
I think many of us soapers are dismayed this year with poor sales, but things will get better (i'm forever the optimist) as they have to. Things won't stay down forever. Just put it all down to a bad year. topic:
I have sold a few soaps via my etsy over the past however long...and it's as important to me to leave feedback on etsy as it is to leave it on ebay.
But...I've had 36 sales and only have 14 feedbacks. Some of the people who have purchased my soap have been friends...and unfortunately it's them who haven't left me feedback...!
When I shop on handmade sites or ebay the feedback is almost as important as the item I'm about to buy.
Surely others think this please people, in future, do leave me feedback. I need my customers to know if my product is good. I have an insatiable need to know what people think. Afterall, without those necessary typed lines how I am supposed to progress?
I believe that I make good soap - I know that each ingredient used is sourced from the best supply I can find. I use my own soap every day. It makes a difference to my skin. My family believe I make good soap and they use it every day and tell me what they think of it....but then they are bound to tell me the truth...
Now...customers, I need to know what you think....

Next topic: a new etsy shop find....
Have you seen this? Head on down to Ibrodar's shop on Etsy and marvel at what they've got on offer. Love the packaging. Love the product. Will be buying some when I've sold more soap!
The link I've put is for the girls shop...but the first one I came across was their shop, which is solely for me. check out Portland General Store - proper good vintage style mens grooming.
Now..must tell 'em I blogged 'em!
Ain't it great when a handmade crafter blows your mind with their product....


Gary's third pottery blog said...

your display looks fab :)
Tig, I dunno why but my etsy feedback reads the same, only about 60 percent of buyers leave comments, and I bend over backwards to be nice, giving little bonus pigs and such....oh well......

FuturePrimitive said...

hi gaz. i know, it's about all you can possibly do to please a customer...baffling. it makes you feel like they didn't like your product...maybe they didn't!

innerearthsoaps said...

I'm in the same boat as you with the markets ... sales are definitely down.

I think many buyers on Etsy are brand-new and don't really know (or care) about the feedback system. Etsy buyers who are also sellers, on the other hand, will always leave feedback. It's frustrating because sometimes it's the only way you know that your parcel arrived safely.

Tracy x said...

a quick message for you....

**you make GREAT soap**

hope you are having a lovely weekend
t x