Friday, 6 November 2009

Etsy Discounts..and your feedback please...

Click my etsy shop on the left (the soap one). I have discounted every item by just gotta tap 20% in the comments box at checkout...and I'll refund you back into your paypal account.

Now xmas is approaching, I'd like to offer a little discount to tempt you into trying them.

I don't get many sales via etsy for soap (spose cuz so many others are on there), but would love for a few more people to try them.

Though times are tough at the moment, I've not had one bad bit of feedback about them, which is so nice.
Most of the sales come from local buyers in the shops I have them in, or from website sales through futureprimitive.
I have had some amazing customer comments so far, which is really very heartwarming and spurs me on to make more and more.

Here are a few of them:

'The soaps are just sooo creamy'.

'We usually buy our soap from provence every year when on holiday..but not this time...we like your soaps so much more'.

'Your Lagoon is absolutely amazing. So soft and the scent is heaven'.

'Don't ever stop making Geranium &'s scent and lather have me squealing with delight!'.

I could put a few more but don't want to blow me trumpet too much!
There are an awful lot of people making soap out there, and the market is a tough one to conquer, but I do feel like I'm on my way. Just a few more wholesale customers would be nice, so I'm on a mission at the moment to find 'em. Hence why I've been a tad quiet on the blog of late.
Busy times ahead.

And now...I'm preparing my 2010 catalogue. So, I may be really quiet. Don't fear, I'm still looking at all of your blogs and tweets.
So...keep up the good all make amazing goodies.

In the meantime, I've been learning adobe InDesign.
I made these flyers (pics above) for my wholesale customers.
However, a friend of mine said that they're too scrolly. He said "You're selling soap!, You don't need all that fancy stuff. Make the pictures bigger, and don't put in so many fancy scrolls...I nearly rang you to tell you before you sent them out".

He may be right..but I could really do with your comments. So....PLEASE TELL ME HONESTLY WHAT YOU THINK...I really need to know.


Incognito said...

Just discovered your soaps at Dan Finnegan's shop in Fredericksburg, VA. LOVE them and will be stocking up for the holidays (I knit handmade washcloths and love giving the two together.) Thanks for such unique formulas!

Tonia said...

Ok, speaking as someone who buys products to sell in the shop, I have to say that the better looking the catalogue, the more likely I am to buy stuff from it. Does that help, or just add to the confusion?!

Holly said...

I think your flyers are perfect! For me, they are the design that totally draws me in. The colors are soothing and they make your soaps look even creamier and lovely!

emlington said...

I didnt realise this was a NEW catalogue when you sent it over and it looks so professional that I had assumed you had some whack desktop publishing company design it for you. In my humble opinion, these pages are the perfect background for your dreamy soaps, floral, swirly, girly and luxurious :O)

innerearthsoaps said...

Tiggy, I have to disagree with your friend - I think the flyers are perfect, don't change a thing!

FuturePrimitive said...

well...that about wraps it up folks! Thanks for your input. I shall leave 'em be. x

andytho said...

Hey Tiggo, speaking from a creative designers point of view, I think the leaflets really sell the soaps because you've injected bags of your personality into the design, which makes them super-cali-frag!