Monday, 30 November 2009

I want...everything. just like any normal girl.

Macaron soaps by Naiad
though I can't find them in her shop at present....she's gotta make more!

pin tuck dress by modaspia $150 (£91.47)

red pocket skirt by idea2lifestyle $40 (£24.39)
I really want this skirt! what a bargain too.

layered dress by idea2lifestyle $79 (£48.17)

2 in 1 dress by Emily Ryan $325 (£198.18)

red messenger bag by Thongbai Tatong $75 (£45.73)

Yep, that about covers it....anybody fancy being nicer than they've ever been can buy me any one of the above!
aren't they all just so lovely.
My sunday evening was spent searching etsy for some of the nicest 'me' gifts..and these are just a few.
Etsy is great isn't it. So many influential people. So many people making the best quality goods.
I love it.
If you want to drop by etsy shop address is: here
Happy Monday peeps


Dan Finnegan said...

Hey kids! We have already sold almost all the soap that I brought back! I wish shipping wasn't so you know of any soapmakers nearer me in Virginia that I might contact?
Nice Xmas list! Very optimistic.

Hannah said...

Hi Tig,
Love the frocks up there, might have to go a browsing tonight I think.
Sorry I've never left feedback, guilty as charged, to be honest, never saw that bit! Oops.
Will do next time. It's all fab, might have another nosey at your site again tonight too. Christmas presents to be bought you know.

Anne-Marie said...

Those soaps by Naid Soaps are incredible! The frosting looks absolutely edible and the coloring is sublime.

FuturePrimitive said...

thanks H!
You were one of the guilty ones!
Anne-Marie...I know! how good are those macarons? i just wanna grab 'em off the screen. the pastels are dreamy aren't they...