Friday, 1 January 2010


A brand new year to get our teeth stuck into...
After the festivities, I'm all out of time for sitting around doing nothing.
I've had a wonderful holiday season....but it's time to get a shift on and get some money made again.
Here's to better times, happier times, and all round good times.
After last year, I think we all are deserving of a break from stress and money troubles.
The recession certainly taught me a few lessons about what NOT to spend my money on.
I am now seeing my life and my small business with new eyes and am ready to make it work the way I want it to.
I have a headful of new ideas. Every new year I feel like this.
It feels like the dark and dismal is over and the weight on my shoulders has lifted.
It feels lovely!
I love the quietness of New Years' Day and love the idea of planning my summer holiday.
We don't have a lot of money, but we are going to have a holiday this year...and I know exactly where I want to go...
I will say if I get it together....but until then i don't want to jinx myself!'s to you and yours this new year.
And if you're ready to think about your garden....or you need some lovely soap to clean that new year body here!
Oh...and I also have a brand new SOAP

4 comments: said...

First blog I read this morning and what a way to start my new year!! This is quite inspiring and I'm ready for the recession beast to go away as well. I make a really nice raku soap dish and sell everyone that I make. I frequently think about your soaps and how they would work so well with my little dish. We should put our heads together. It would be fun to try selling some of your soap with my trays and see how it goes. Many of the craft shows only allow hand crafted items, so I can't really market the dishes with store bought soaps. Interested?......

Amber said...

Just lovely! What a great start. :)

Many happy wishes for you in the New Year!

Swanee Noa B. said...

happy new year . Blessings.

patti flynn said...

congratulations...your new shop looks delightful!