Saturday, 30 January 2010

Amazingly Awesome Amber's Ambry

The other night I came home from work (from my job in cheltenham) to the best surprise ever.
I won the competition a few weeks back on Amber's Ambry.
I received the most beautifully made pouch - made with the lovliest fabric. I absolutely love it.
Inside the pouch was a bunch of goodies for the body. The packaging on the scrub was my favourite. Oldy worldy and vintagey (is that a word?) in brown paper. The font she uses just makes me squeel. I may find this odd, but I love fonts! I use so many different ones when doing my own packaging, but when I see somebody elses work, I feel I need to up my game.
So let me give you a rundown of the items:
1st up was the spiced pumpkin soap with clay. A deep earthy red soap with cinnamon tones. I didn't know which one I'd got so I've been on Amber's website to check 'em all out. This soap was the first one I used as it had been a cold cold winters day and I needed warming up, and the scent hit me and made me think of cosy bed sheets and being pampered by my grandma (who I loved more than anybody in the whole world), so thank you for the way this soap made me feel Amber. Weird isn't it, how scent and aesthetics can evoke memories of special people.
2nd up I used that same night was the vanilla latte body scrub. The scent was just like hot milky coffee. Again, a good winter warmer. This stuff is awesome! I scooped a little out and rubbed it down my arms, over my chest, down my legs and on my bum! The sugar scrubbed well, and then disintigrated leaving behind silky, nourished skin. Really goooooood.
3rd up was Amber's loofah soap. I haven't used any other products yet so this is sitting in the pouch waiting til I've run out of Spiced Pumpkin. But, let me tell smells fresh, delightful and like a fresh spring day. I love loofah soaps, and never make them myself so this is gonna be a real treat. It feels waxy, and wholesome in the hands.
4th up was a chunk of poppy seed hot process soap. Again, this smells amazing. Can't quite put my finger on the scent, but then I don't need to. I shall make my own mind up as to what I think it smells like in due course. Again, a very wholesome looking soap and I love the way it's been cut (not perfect which I like better than perfectly squared off bars).
5th up is the hand balm in 'Red Apple'. A subtle apple scent - not too overpowering which is nice. The thing about Amber and her style is she seems quite understated yet you can tell she has a real homely feel to her person, and that, I think is reflected in each and every one of these products. She has made me feel loved and cosied up, and I've never even met her. All I know of Amber is her lovely blog. Even that makes me go woozy. I'm sure you all agree.

So that's the products...but lets not forget the pouch. The finish of it is perfection, and I love the little tag with her apple logo and the two buttons on the front. Just heaven.
I shall be going for a dip in a couple hours, so I shall continue with that spiced soap and I may even treat myself to a little more of that coffee scrub.
I feel completely indulged. After such hard times, this came as the best treat I could've wished for and I am eternally grateful and happy to have won Amber's comp.


Amber's Etsy shop is here if you feel tempted by my mini review. I actually do myself!
(and check out the poo soap, which made me laugh loudly).


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Ooh that poppy seed HP soap looks great. I'll have to head on over...

Michele said...

Amber is quite amazing!

Amber said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a touching review. I means the world to me to know that people all over the world (!) are trying my products and getting such an accurate feel for who I am and what I love. I could go on, but you've left me a little teary (in a good way of course) and I might just start blubbering, so I will simply say again: From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

innerearthsoaps said...

Oooh, lucky girl! That scrub sounds divine.

Alexandra Mason said...

What a great prize! Hope you are having a fun weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

Amber is the best: ultra nice and cool and uber talented!!

FuturePrimitive said...

I'm sure she is. Did you meet her Teresa? x

Amber said...

Shall I try this again? ;)

I saw this the post the other day and tried to leave a comment but I guess you said things weren't working? I didn't want you to think that such a lovely and kind post went unnoticed by me. It certainly did not and it touched me more than I am able to put into words. Thank you so much for the glowing review. I am so glad that you won something at a time when you needed a special pick-me-up. That is the best part about giveaways I think. Fate always has a way of getting things to people who need them. :)

Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you said. I am truly touched and so happy to read your impression of my products. Thank you so much. :)

If you're curious, the mystery scents were as follows: The red, ribbed bar was Spiced Cranberry, The loofah bar is Lemongrass & Sage, the small bar with poppyseeds is Blueberry. Hope it wasn't annoying not having labels, but I thought maybe a surprise would be fun.

FuturePrimitive said...

ha, there you are! yes, so sorry about the comments form. i had set the moderation up wrong (and have since left it alone).
i really really did love my gifts and am using them with great relish every day.
thanks for letting me know what the scents are. it wasn't annoying not having labels, and it did make it a fun surprise!
i just love it all so much, so thank you again. you are truly wonderful x

Michele said...

I posted acomment that went "tits up" as Tiggy put it - so here it is in a nutshell.

Amber is amazingly talented. She is so talented at so many things and she is one of the nices there is. Love her!

Body Oil Spray said...

I love the scents, they add so much too the bathing experience!