Friday, 22 January 2010


New look 'humbug' with e.o's of Peppermint, Spearmint and an additional drop or two of Marjoram...also with 'herbaceous' soap balls dusted with cocoa powder, and activated charcoal and rhassoul. Since I will be doing away with 'moulouya' once it's all gone, this one I hope will stand in its place.

'Potters Bar' with e.o's of Lavender, Fennel, Lemon & Eucalyptus. I originally put fennel into this soap, but then decided I didn't like it, so the following batch didn't have any in it.... I must have been doin a mental to leave it i put it back in! Smells herbal fresh.

new 'Cyclone' with e.o's of petitgrain, geranium, clary sage, juniper and now with additional lemongrass, which has totally lifted the whole scent blend. Exactly what it needed.
The pic is a bit over purple...sorry, i've had a few ales!

No. 11. Same e.o blend as ever...lavender, ylang ylang, vetivert & patchouli.
My absolute favourite scent combo. With this I wanted to try to get the scent of the soap to resemble 'Aromatherapy Associates - Deep Relax' bath oil. Almost there....but the natural soap scent still comes through...probably a good thing. That's the only bath oil I know of that can send me to sleep. It's a bottle of heaven to me.

'Lemon Citron' with e.o's of lemon, grapefruit, chamomile & now with a drop of Geranium to stick the scent a bit more. Love how this one turned out this time.

Enough's what's been happening:
I have been mega slack on the blog front this past week. I've managed a few tweets, but that's about it.
My kitchen is currently undergoing a transformation, courtesy of my step dad, Martin. He's doing an amazing job. He's built me some base units from scratch, has moved my washing machine to where I want it, and installed me a wonderful belfast sink. I came home this evening not knowing how far he'd got, but he has made the doors for my units, and has made me a new cupboard for my soap supplies. Amazing.
The first part of this month has been spent making batch upon batch of soap to re-stock.
I've really enjoyed it and have tweaked a few of the scents. Making the decision to only use essential oils has opened up my mind to new and exciting blends that I've not tried before. Also, when I made the blends for the egg bombs, it filled me with lots of soap ideas.
I placed an order with Fresholi last week for some of their organic cocoa & shea butters (in my opinion theirs are the absolute best), and a few new essential oils to try out.
I'm really enjoying my coffee at the mo so I've a new coffee inspired soap in mind. The Caramel Macchiato I had yesterday at Starbucks got me thinking, so I shall be planning a rich but sweet blend along with some 70% cocoa chocolate, sheeps milk, honey, vanilla pods and palm sugar.
That's about it for now. last thing..check this out...I'm on the front page!


Amy W said...

Gorgeous soaps! You have some great scent blend ideas. My biggest blend is with four e.o.'s - you're inspiring me to push the envelope a bit farther! :) And congrats on the front page of Cotswold Style! Great article!

Amber said...

Just beautiful!!! Your blends sound phenomenal.

Congratulations on the article!

Dörte said...

phantastisch schön und diese Duftmischung ist ..hmmmmm, kann es gut riechen!

liebe Grüße Dörte

Incognito said...

I love your soaps; I gifted a bar to my daughter for the holidays and she said they love it so much that it's almost gone. Hope that we'll see some of your new stock over here in Virginia at Dan's shop. Anything with patchouli in it is wonderful, but I love them all.

Good luck with your kitchen; I'm just about to get started on mine.

FuturePrimitive said...

thanks so much peeps.

This is what Dorte says:
Fantastic beautiful and this aroma mixture is ..hmmmmm, can smell it well!

dear greetings Dörte

Michele said...

Good on you, for mention on the front page. You so deserve it. Your soap is truly beautiful and inspirational. Love your blog!

Alexandra Mason said...

Gorgeous gorgeous soaps, can't wait to try that chocolate combination one. Great article! hope your having a lovely weekend xxx

Anne-Marie said...

Love the dramatic colors of the "humbug". Very cool!

Anne-Marie said...

And, how lucky are you that your step dad is helping out with your kitchen transformation? Awesome! You are going to love it when it's all done.

loly said...

wow! marvelous and gorgeous soaps, I love to watch your soap, sorry for my english I'm french.

I had a question for you, i'm a little french soapers, and I want to know for make your soap with 2 or 3 colors ( like your potter bars) did you made them in one time or you still waiting into 2 color paste?

Have a nice day!

gz said...

Lovely looking soaps!
Have you found
There are a few soapmakers on there too