Saturday, 9 January 2010

a week in the life...of a snowed in Brit

new product range egg bombs. so far i have made orange, ylang ylang & black pepper bombs and lavender, tea tree & bergamot bombs.
i have 4 more to come up with to make a half dozen mixed bombs in a half dozen egg box.
geranium & patchouli shall be made in a sec after i've written this, then it'll be back to the pad n pen to write down ideas.

boxed egg bombs

The newly named 'Moulouya' called 'Moulouya Moon'. I've been meaning to try out using soap balls to make some of my soaps more aesthetically pleasing and love the ones made by other soapers..a few folks do this so naming them all would be tedious..but you know who you are and thank you for the inspiration.
In Moulouya Moon (for men...and sneaky women) are the following ingredients:
coconut, palm, sunflower & olive oils, rhassoul mud (from the Moulouya valley in Morocco), a smidge of activated charcoal and 'herbaceous' soap balls.
The scent is Tobacco Leaf, which smells deep, dark, manly, cosy, warm and fresh all at the same time. I love it.
Matt did the peaking with the chopstick on this particular batch. Good lad!

a nice close up

Ethan, my nephew and his chiclet teeth!

Natalie, my older 'make up mad' sister. Aw..doesn't she look cute!

My brother in law (nats' husband), The Duke (aka Stephen Huxley). He likes lots of heavy rock music....and food!

pretty snow trees in Hampton, Evesham. UK

Frodo Baggins et al....

Our lovely local park in Evesham, Worcs. UK...covered in a smooth white blanket.

A whale's jaw bone in the Pleasure Gardens, Waterside, Evesham, UK.

Avenue of Lime Trees in the Pleasure Gardens

some crazy loony!
So, those pics pretty much sum up this past week.
I cannot get to my job in Cheltenham, Glos. UK as the roads are so awful.
The UK is crap at dealing with snow in these colossal amounts. We haven't really had snow this deep since I was a kid in the 80's.
Some parts of the river are now frozen...I have never seen that happen in all the 37 years I've been alive.
Tesco's is a joke. No bread left, no flour to make the bread, no minced beef (!), but so much other stuff to eat it's not as if 'The Day After Tomorrow' is upon us...c'mon people get real.
*saying that, if i do get stuck with no food my friend Mark down the road has loads of grub*
Not being able to get to Cheltenham has rendered me a little creative..what else could I do with all this spare time?
So...I made some batches of much-needed soap, some new products including the egg bombs...aren't they cute? A few more tweaks to the packaging and they'll be ready for sale.
I also treated myself to a new skincare regime courtesy of No. 7 products available at Boots.
They had an offer of buy 2 get 3rd product free. So...I got their version of Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. I've been a fan of Liz Earle's amazing products for a few years but yesterday noticed the No.7 version so am trying out for a bit. You get double the amount and it's a few quid cheaper. I also got the pore refining serum and the day cream. So far so good.
There's probably a ton more stuff I could tell you but right now I want to go and make those new egg bombs..I got the bug. Love it!


heidi -bodygoodies said...

great stuff tiggy! love the free range bombs. super cute name for em too :) hope you guys had a blast in the snow there.. looks like you have! anytime you wanna visit ohio -- we get about that much every day ( currently 11" of it on the ground) .. youre welcome to come play in it here!!

Anonymous said...

As a big fan of chickens and eggs, I give your Free Range Egg Bombs 2 thumbs up! Very clever, very adorable!

Amy W said...

Love the egg bombs! Great idea! Love your snow pics too - we have had more than our share here in the middle of the US, but it's so dry, it doesn't stick to the trees or anything else.

FuturePrimitive said...

me thinks you are all too kind. thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to let me know what you think of my egg bombs! glad you like x

Gary's third pottery blog said...

super cute soaps, and whoa, a boatload of snow, eh?