Sunday, 7 February 2010

Arabica - A New Soap...and new soap packaging

A new soap named 'Arabica' with real coffee, honey, chocolate, cocoa butter and an essential oil blend of Orange, Vetiver, Patchouli, Clove Bud, Cinnamon & Ho Leaf. I'm not sure about the scent at the moment. I cannot stand the smell that comes from a fresh cut soap that has food items in just doesn't smell nice at all. This however, I think will be real good once it's cured.
I shall let you know...!

Arabica - cut

Arabica - not out of the mold yet

the road to Childswickham...we went out today!

soap samplers available in my etsy

new packaging of No.11

new packaging on 'Potters Bar'
Not too much to write today as i'm cream crackered.
Drank a little too much last night so have felt a little worse for wear all day today. Though, Matt and I did go out for a bit to try and find the spot where an old pottery used to be near Winchcombe. We didn't find it! was there in the 1800's so it's not surprising really.
The weather was hazey and cold today, so I just wanna sunggle up and watch TV tonight, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I've been busy making soap again as the batches I made over Xmas have all pretty much gone. That can only be good...but a bit stressful. Hope I can muster the energy to get going again tomorrow. We all deserve a day off sometimes don't we....?
Anyhoo, hope you're all well this sunday.
Anyone in the UK noticed how the nights are getting longer.....?
Only a few more weeks til the clocks change. Can't blooming wait.


Amy W said...

Your new soap looks magnificent! The contrasting brown & cream are really beautiful together. Hope the scent cures nicely. :)

Teresa said...

OMG - I am drooling!!!
Thanks for this...and keep us posted as to how it cures.
Outstanding job, per usual!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOOD ENOUGH to eat, or bathe with at least. Hullo to the cat and Matt too :)

FuturePrimitive said...

you is all too nice. hi gaz...saying hi to matt and cat right now for ya. hello to yours too x

FooFooBerry said...


I left this comment on my blog but wasn't sure if you saw it.

Thanks for stopping by and for the great tip. I've used TD water soluble before and I'm wondering if that contributed to the flakiness of the soap. I just made a lemongrass one I'll post soon where I used the oil soluble TD. I have both types on hand.

I think you definitely should do more tutorials.

This new soap is a beauty :)

madpiano said...

wow, that soap looks georgeous !! I hope it cures well !!

Incognito said...

Oh, I DO hope we can get some of the Arabica stateside. Sounds absolutely and heavenly delicious! If not, I'll check out the ETSY board and will make an order there. Thanks for making such enticing soaps; I love them.

Amber said...

That Arabica sounds heavenly. And is very nice to look at too. :)

LOVE the new packaging too!

Also very much looking forward to the time change here. This winter is really wearing me down...

Topcat said...

Hi Tiggy - your Arabica is soooo yummy! I am sure the scent will cure out well for you too :)

Tonia said...

Soap and packaging look amazing! Roll on new budget so I can get some in the shop!

Alexandra Mason said...

That soap looks fantastic, can't wait to try it! (I never used to be excited about soap before i tried yours) Hope you have a good day...i just want to go back to bed and its only 11am xxx

FuturePrimitive said...

thank you all v much x

Shower Gel said...

Wow this soap looks fantastic! Looks almost eatable!

Tracy x said...

all looks yummy - especially love new look number 11
t x

this wheel's on fire said...

looks so beautiful--almost like a cake!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh the Potter's Bar is so great. I love the packaging but more importantly love the look of what's inside.