Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Back Porch Lounger

My inspiration for the following bar of soap.

Balls n rivers of black

sneaky side shot

Back Porch Lounger stack

I've no idea. Don't even ask me.
I had this name for a soap in my head for a long long time. It was coming up with something to suit it that had me stumped.
All my life I've wanted a back porch with 2 rockers and an infinite landscape to view.
Since watching Fried Green Tomatoes, I've wanted the Threadgood house with it's all-around porch and its warm inner glow.
My dream is kicking back on my back porch with a tall glass of freshly squeezed homemade lemonade with my TWO deerhounds softly snoozing in their beds and Matt in his pottery across the way from my soap workshop. Nice dream ain't it?
Then I got to thinking a little more about this ere soap.
My Lemon Citron soap was due for a revamp. The scent is nice, but not quite right. It looks good, but doesn't sell so well.
Pen to paper and I came up with Lemon (my lemonade), Cedarwood (the wooden back porch thing), Ho Leaf (the buttery warmth) & Litsea Cubeba (to make the lemon more....lemony).
I got to thinking about the stylin'. 2 black lines, balls - it's all been going on since the tutorials!
Organically grown (courtesy of moi) Lemonbalm to add depth to the white half of the mix, then a pale lemon coloured contrast.
The scent is EXACTLY what I wanted. The look of it...not so much.
Matt asked if I'd cut it the next day.....'yeah, come see', I said.
He picks one up....'oh yeah...but it would look better without the balls'.
I agree.
The next batch I make shall have 3 lines, 2 sections of pale lemon, and 2 sections of white with the lemonbalm. Simplicity is key I suppose.
Do you see where I went with this?!


Soaps and Bubbles said...

Great batch Tiggy,

your soaps look always so tasty, lovely and artful.

Love it!

Jabonera said...

A fantastic soap, I like the design is straightforward and simple and wonderful colors. I imagine the smell....

Joanna said...

I love your lemon soap that you sent me. Is that the one you are revamping? More lemony? Mmmmm. I love lemon.

FuturePrimitive said...

hi all. thanks!
jo jo...yes, it is the Lemon soap you have going thru the revamp.
i love lemon too, but lemon oil doesn't stick too well in soap so the litsea helps it along a little.
x love ya

Lavarie said...

This soap is simply awsome!

kat said...

Dang! Amazing, as always.

Amy Warden said...

I'm following you - sounds scrumptious! I'd have to say you nailed the colors too!

Topcat said...

Well, I like the balls in there! Or at least the colour you used - that soft green gives so much depth to the mix imho - especially after looking at the pic you showed as your inspiration. Perhaps a sage green layer or line? The scent sounds divine!!! :)

FuturePrimitive said...

hello. amy, thought you may get it!
topcat - why can't i see your blog? i click the link, and i have no access to your profile (tho i'm sure i've read your blog before).
thanks for the input. i think a sage green layer would be nice. the balls in this are from my 'lagoon' soap leftovers.
the green should come into it somewhere though because of my imaginary view!

Jennifer Young said...

I kind of like the balls in it as well... but I love the look of ALL your soaps. They are some of the most original I have seen. I have come away to Canada for a few weeks to be with my family but when i get back to Spain I am going to order a couple of your soaps. They just look so scrumptious and the scents sound so awesome that I have to try them!! xo Jen

Alexandra Mason said...

That soap looks fantastic! and your dream sounds very good. Have a great week xx

Topcat said...

Sorry Tiggy! I have activated my profile now....duh!!! ;)

Lyn said...

As always a real work of Art, I am sure you could just throw soap at a mold and it would cme out looking just amazing.

FooFooBerry said...

This one is so beautiful and cozy looking.

svsoaps said...

That is a very artistic bar of soap and just all around lovely.