Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Back to where it all began...

The first batch for sale...check out the cocoa line bleed.

How the logs came out after incorporating Palm Oil.

Again...with Palm Oil. Notice how the bars are a lot more dense.

Lord knows which batch number this one is.

A recent rustic batch.

I salute this soap. My soap journey began with it.
The Geranium Patchouli Slice was introduced to the range long after the first batch was produced.
My nephew Thomas said...'Make more of that white one with the patchouli in it'.
Ok, says I.
I would never have thought this would be the ultimate best seller, but less is more in so many cases here.
The look of the soap is simplistic. The scent is strong but subtle. It's floral and earthy as you would expect.
It feels ultra luxurious and lathers with a deep creamy consistency.
I'm writing this as for the first time in ages I have a chunk of it in my bathroom. I don't get too excited about my own soap so much anymore - not to say i don't enjoy my soap, but yanno.
However, I am actually looking forward to going for my bath. I even look forward to reaching over the bath to grab it just to wash my hands.
It's packed full of cocoa butter, so it has quite a hard bulky body. It's amazingly good on the skin, and it helps keep my eczema at bay. I've heard it helps a little with the itch of psoriasis too...from a customer.
In the shops who kindly sell my soaps this is always a best seller.
I even had Ben Miller (of Armstrong & Miller fame) buy 4 from me in one go at a local village fair I did last year. He took a whiff and said 'Oh my God...amazing!'.
My heart...warmed?....you betcha.
So...no sales pitch...just a reminder of one of the best and the people's favourite.
Thanks for reading.


Tonia said...

Would that have been the Overbury fair? All the best people live near us don't yer know...

Jabonera said...

Tiggy, you have been wonderful and very elegant. It also gives a feeling of smooth and creamy. Congratulations.

Joanna said...

goddamn gorgeous, woman!

Ambra said...

Those look absolutely awesome! Love the log photo.

Teresa said...

Fab as usual!!!!
GORGEOUS!!! Would love a big chunk RIGHT NOW!!

FuturePrimitive said...

thanks you lot! x

Washpool said...

Hi Tiggy

Following the notion of 'don't copy but be inspired' I thought I'd adapt your 'line' tutorial by using pink clay for a soft pastel look. Even though I only used a light dusting the log split apart down the clay line. As I'm in a hot climate we spend a good deal of energy trying to make sure we have 'cool' gels - maybe that was the problem. Maybe clay just repels soap batter so effectively it can't penetrate. Dunno.

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Washpool...hmmmm.

No blog?

Melissa said...

Errr no.

Web designer is trying to convince me I should BLOG. I've just purchased a Digital SLR camera to improve the quality of my photos. What do you like best about BLOGGING?

FuturePrimitive said...

well, i suppose the release of thought. go for it!

Lavandine said...

My first cocoa lined soap did bleed too! A fellow blogger said to cut it sideways. It did help on my next soap lined with powdered parsley. Is that how you prevent the bleed? Or just use less cocoa?

Amy Warden said...

It's amazing to think of all I've learned since I began this soaping journey. Great to take a look back once in awhile and know why you still love it!

FuturePrimitive said...

it sure is amy. we should all do more of this...and take inspiration from ourselves once in a while!
lavandine...i sometimes cut 'em on the sides, but usually to get rid of the bleed i run the blade of my knife ever so lightly over the bar to remove any skids or bleeds.

Sergio said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking soap, I also learnt about clay lines when a whole batch of 50 tripple layer/2 clay lines fell apart in the drying room. I think I have to try some of your soap, so may order some soon.

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Sharon
Thanks for droppin' in.
I have only used clay once for a line, and that's the one in my new soap Sandal Scandal. I used Aussie blue clay very very very lightly. You can just about make it out in the soap. Ok so far!

Deirdre said...

I love the cocoa bleed!