Friday, 21 May 2010

3000 pieces of soap for Fertility Flower

WOW! Yes! It is true!

A short time ago, a lovely lady by the name of Kimberley bought some of my soap via Etsy.
She came back as a repeat buyer. This was and still is a good sign.
Just a couple of months ago, Kimberley made contact with me via email to ask if I would like to work on project for her...
Kimberley is in the process of launching a brand new website called Fertility Flower

A little bit about Fertility Flower:
Fertility Flower is a natural parenting resource designed to help predict ovulation and increase chances of conception.
In addition to the fertility tools, there are forums, interviews with inspiring moms. Kimberley is even in the midst of writing an art journaling course with prompts centered on the trying-to-conceive journey.
The website is designed by Mark Wilson of who lives in Truro (Cornwall). Mark did the website for Bat for Lashes and has done work for Gorillaz. Snazzy!

Fertility Flower has been gathering up a nice little following on Facebook.
The members are generally women who are trying to become pregnant, are with young children or currently pregnant.
Fertility Flower is also tweeting
so go follow if you wish to keep up with daily issues etc.

The website is expected to launch in June so for now you will see the holding page, but the link to join the facebook group is there so go do that now if you please.

Now's the juicy bit from me.
Once the website launches, visitors will be invited to become a member, which will enable the user to track their fertility online. What a fabulous idea!
I'm guessing there will be quite the community via this source, and urge any of you reading this to join if you are an expectant mother...or hoping to be.
There is a little treat in store for the first 500 visitors to sign up for membership...that little treat is a 6pack of sample soaps from FuturePrimitive! Woop!
In the pack are x6 2oz soap slivers, randomly chosen by me. I have been so busy packaging up the sample packs I've barely had time to think of much else!
Here's where the number on this post title came from...500 packs of 6 soap samples = 3000 pieces of soap. Can you imagine?! I have a little more work to do, but I'm almost there. I have created new soaps, which I hope will be keepers and I've tweaked other soaps to make them ever better. I want the 500 people to love them!
I am eternally thankful to Kimberley for taking the time to ask me and for having faith in my product. I love making soap as much as my customers tell me they enjoy using it. I have complete faith in what I make. I have a passion, which runs deep for making it. I hope this shows in my creations.
I hope the 1st 500 love them too!
I shall keep you informed of the launch here, so be sure to check in often.
Thank you for your ears!

PS: more pics to come...I've taken lots!


Dan Finnegan said...

Way to go, Tiggy! I thought a hundred bars of soap was a lot!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

did you say 3000????????????

Fertility Flower said...

That's what the woman said...3000!

Awesome, Tiggy. Thanks!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey, congrats!
I DID it! I finally ordered some of your soaps, just clicked the pay pal send button. I would still like to figure out some way of selling your soaps with my raku soap dishes. They sell really well, and I think your soaps would do great at the Farmers Market. We should think about this.

Monica said...

Wow, is a lot of soap. Congratulations on your new project

FuturePrimitive said...

hi gang.
3000! i know right!
Trace...I got the order. Thank you so much. Funny that you chose potters bar!
They'll be whizzing over to you next week.
Those dishes and my soap...yup, I reckon it's a good idea though how we go about it I do not know.
Lets have a thinkypoos!

Jennifer Young said...

Wow Tiggy, what a great opportunity for you and for those first 500 clients of Fertility Flower! Hope that means more business for you and that Kimberly does well with her venture! I love the look of your soaps... and your blog. Way to go! xo Jen

Alexandra Mason said...

Thats fantastic!! xx

Topcat said...

That is awesome Tiggy! And a well deserved opportunity for you too. Woohoo!!! XD

Amy Warden said...

You've been busy, all right! That's a LOT OF SOAP! I finally finished my last bar of soap and started on the Lemonade Lounger this morning. Mmmmmm! Loving it!

innerearthsoaps said...

Wowser! That's awesome Tiggy. You go girl! :D

FuturePrimitive said...

thank you girls. you are all wonderful and lovely and i'm very grateful for your words x

Amber said...

That is absolutely amazing! Good for you!!!