Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sandal Scandal - a soap for summer tootsies

Yanno when you have ideas for yet another soap flying round your head?
This is my most recent.
All I knew was it had to be scrubby on the bottom and shea butter soft on the top.
I also knew the EO blend. Sage, Tea Tree & Lemon.
I knew that pumice had to be in there somewhere....I also pondered over oatmeal.
That's it!
Simplistic, nothin too fancy.
Something for a specific purpose.
Of course, I think it looks pretty but I love the rustic feel it's got going on.
No added colours in the base, but there is a bit of TD in the top to bring out the creaminess I was after.
It smells herbal and fresh. Pefect for feet. It cut lovely and stamped nice too.
I haven't had this much fun making soap in a long while. I loved every bit of it.
What next?


Jabonera said...

You have been wonderful, gives a view of very creamy and has to smell very fresh. Very elegant, like all soaps do. Congratulations on your work.

Heidi said...

I love that rustic and earthy look. Very beautiful soap!

p-lee said...

It's beautiful! And I have to say, I did the tutorial on the cocoa powder line and made a similar soap. I wanted separate exfoliating and creamy moisturizing. I went for more of an ocean theme and made the top a blue salt bar (like the ocean) and the bottom an oatmeal and shea mixture (like the sand). Love your stuff. You are truly an inspiration to a beginner soaper!

Sergio said...

Very nice. Simple but perfect. Good color combination with white and grey.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Wowzers! Lovin this one:)

FuturePrimitive said...

thank you all x

Topcat said... the earthy colours and the scent combo sounds delish! :)

Lavandine said...

Realy love the color combination! Making soap is so much pleasure, it is art in small batches!LOL

Edith said...

Wow Tiggy fab fab soap and I love the name too!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOLLY I have missed Matt and you!!!! Thanks sooooooooooo much for all the visits, I will not let myself fall behind again!

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful soap - really nice texture on top and the EO blend sounds superb. Father's Day is coming up and you gotta know that a man would love this soap =)