Sunday, 2 May 2010

Whipped Shea from Great Cakes Soapworks and a new soap...

globules of thick sloppy soap

just about managed a bit of swirlin'

end product.

A little pot of absolute delight.

I dived right in!
I made this new soap last week. I was after making a vanilla explosion, so set about my soapmaking cupboard and found all the ingredients I had in mind. Vanilla pod, cocoa butter (the smelly stuff), essential oils reminiscent of true vanilla (a secret blend) and an infusion.
The end result is one I am so pleased with. The scent is unbelievable. I'm pretty proud of myself!
I included a boat load of the butter to make this soap extra special for the skin.
I used a smidge of white to stop it looking too plain.
I wanted a very natural look for it and I think it worked. I wanted better droplets inside the natural soap but left the mix to thicken for too long. Hey Ho.
It's name is 'Vanillas In The Mist'!
And now for something very very special indeed....
Myself and Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks done did us a little swapsie!
I had been lusting over Amy's whipped shea for a long while before asking her if she'd ship some to me in the UK. She came back with a proposal too good to miss. She wanted to try some of my soap, so offered a swap. Yay!
I couldn't wait for the postman to turn up with it. When he did I was so excited I left the parcel unopenend for ages! I knew that once I'd opened it I wouldn't be able to stop myself sticking my fingers straight in. I was right!
I went and had a bath and looked longily at the little tub with a smile, knowing I could use it right after.
I took off the seal and poked my fingers in and immediately set to work on my legs.
The pot I received was un-scented, meaning I could wear perfume after and not smell like the cosmetics section of the dept. store.
It sank right into my skin. It didn't feel in the least bit greasy. It felt nourishing, thick, sumptuous and delicious.
The difference to my skin was immense.
Amy, you cracked it! This stuff is incredible. I shall be after more once I'm out for sure.
If you want to go grab some for yourself, Amy's shop is here - check out the pics of the piped whipped shea in her pots! I love that.
and her blog is here


Hellen said...

(Sorry, I'm understand English badly...)
That is, you added just whipped Shea butter in the soap? Or you added whipped Shea-soap, like a soap by Nizzi?

FuturePrimitive said...

no no no!
I just made a new soap, and I also just received the lovely shea butter from amy!

Hellen said...

OMG! :о)) I'm all muddle things. :о))
Thank you, Tiggy, now I understand.

innerearthsoaps said...

Gorgeous new soap Tiggy! x

Polly said...

That is a gorgeous soap, I love the topping! And I wish I could smell it, it sounds divine (and I love the name you gave it, it made me chuckle)

FuturePrimitive said...

Hellen, you are funny! Thanks Erin and Polly x

Anne-Marie said...

The top looks fluffy and beautiful!

Amy Warden said...

Save some of that vanilla soap for me then. I think I NEED some. I have yet to find an artificial vanilla fragrance that doesn't smell - artificial - in soap. And, well, you know it's difficult to come up with a natural version that sticks.

Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad the shea butter agrees with you. :)