Monday, 14 June 2010

no olive oil - but a bodygoodies haul & biscuits

the bodygoodies haul.

lemon creams....mmmm

curing rack....needs filling up!

sample packs ready for sending to the first 500 lucky girls to register at website goes live soon, so be sure to sign up to be in with a chance of receiving one of these lovlies.

i hate running out of stuff. i ran out of olive oil last week and have to wait til tomorrow before I can go buy some more from my supplier (sounds like drug dealing). i work in cheltenham on a tuesday, wednesday and thursday so i have to wait to get hold of it.
so.....i made lemon creams instead! don't they look cute? well they did look cute...but we kinda ate em all.

onto more goodies..... bodygoodies in fact. me ol mucker Heidi Goldberg sent me a haul. my oh my oh my. what a haul it is. yanno when you make soap, you kinda think yours is great but you always admire the soaping skills of others ( i know you all do )? well, these are some serious skills.... skincare skills at that.
each of the soaps i received are packed full of amazingly good organic ingredients; are scented with pure essential oils & contain proper doses of the good stuff (butters, muds, salts etc).
i started out with Fij, which contains moor mud & green clay, with essential oils of spearmint & patchouli. a really good blend too. just an hour ago matt and I were walking by the river when i copped a whaft of patchouli. i asked what he'd been using...turns out he'd shaved his face with Heidi's Fij soap. i could smell it! crazy!
i have 4 more soaps to use yet. i have stashed them so i keep forgetting but i keep catching a glimpse of the box they came in...and i smile lightly to myself.
i have had countless items through the post lately, so there will be more posts just like this one as i get through the amount of stuff i have to use. i've had beautiful items from SV Soaps, Soaphoara, Jo @ The Soap Bar, SV Soaps, Haus of Gloi.... crikey the list is endless! i started making soap to satisfy my product cravings....but now they've somehow worsened!
anyhoo...hope you like the pics.
as you can see, i've been busy wrapping up my large soap order....!
hope you are all well x


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Tiggy! Thanks for the sneak peak into some of your stuff... I loved the picture of your curing rack. The look of your soaps are so very original... nothing else like them! Thanks for all your tips on my blog oo. xoxo Jen

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks! - you are so so kind....and you make some awesome soap yourself x

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

I'm digging that curing rack! You make me look like a slacker:)

And...that's a fantastic thing you're doing with Fertility Flower!

Anne-Marie said...

What a great mash-up...curing soaps and cream cookies. Life is good!

Kimberly @ Fertility Flower said...

Wow, that's a lot of soap!!! Everything looks to be in order!

On with the launch!

Carmen said...

Me encantan todos tus jabones, son PRECIOSOS... realmente artísticos... siempre los sigo.


Sabons Carmeta