Saturday, 3 July 2010

'Lancaster' - a sneaky peak

I have a Vintage Fair to attend, which is hosted by the WAVEteam - a bunch of fashionista's from Worcester (Worcester Arts & Vintage Events).

It's not easy to 'get into' these events so imagine how thrilled I was at being accepted.
I had written to the girls to apply and had given some ideas I had rolling around my head for some 40's inspired soaps for the days event. The fair is a tribute to the 1940's and will include tunes from the war years, along with homemade lemonade and cupcakes as well as vintage clothing stands.
So anyway, about 2 weeks later I got an email saying my application was successful.
Today I set to work on my first creation.
I already had the name and the stylin' of the soap all sorted.
It came together in a flash.
I wanted the styling of a Lancaster bomber with a deep but fresh scent - one a little like the smell of old army & navy (and I guess RAF) clothes!
I have used Sweet Orange, Spike Lavender with black Patchouli.
It smells exactly as I wanted it to.
As you can see I have used the funnel technique....something I've not done for about 3 years.
I get scared! You know how thin a trace you need to achieve this right?
Well...I chose oils I know don't accelerate and reached a thin trace and started the pour.
Happy...yes I am! does look a little like the rings of Saturn!
Cut picks shall be coming up tomorrow.


Jaz said...

Well done - it looks AMAZING! I'd love to smell it. It must be so fun to cut it up once it's set & see all the gorgeous patterns.

Dan Finnegan said...

Perhaps you should try googles' new 'scratch n' sniff' blog sites!

Sergio said...

Good job. Very nice combination of colours. Im waiting for the photos with the results of the cut pieces soaps.
Un saludo desde EspaƱa

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Looks great Tiggy! I love the color combo too:)

innerearthsoaps said...

This looks lovely! Can't wait to see it cut :)

Topcat said...

That is a wonderful, colourful funnel swirl! I can't wait to see what else you create from your 1940's inspiration :)

Kevin said...