Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fertility Flower - sign up!

Hi all,

You may have read my post a short while back about a collaboration I have going with Fertility Flower.
The lovely Kimberly was a customer of mine, who purchased my soap via Etsy. She loved it so much that she asked me to provide 500 sample packs of soaps for the 1st 500 people to sign up to her website.
Yeah...3000 soap slivers...can you imagine my curing room?!
I'm so grateful for this golden opportunity and sincerely hope the receivers of my soap will love them as much as I love to make them.

A little bit more info:
Fertility Flower enables you to track your fertility online.
To find out all about it, click here to be directed to the 'about' page.
There's an awful lot to get involved in and I'm sure the website will create a thriving little community.
Kimberly writes a blog, which is attached to the website...or click here to read it.
She also has a twitter account - click here
And a Facebook group - click here
Busy lady huh?!
I'm sure many of you will find this website an invaluable source - especially if you are trying to become pregnant or the complete opposite!
The online tracking facility is fabulous.

Please head on over to see what it's all about....oh and check my banner at the top of the page!


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