Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Introducing....'Rook & Raven'

'Rook and Raven' Shea Butter Sugar Scrub.

Rook & Raven Perfume Oil - with real cardamon seeds and a black marabou stork feather in each bottle.

Rook & Raven Bathing Grains

Soon to be available on the website and Etsy.
Expected launch date will be this weekend. The soap is to come shortly....I'm waiting on some vital supplies so until they're here these 2 products will be available.
The scent is a dark, mystical blend of Sweet Sicilian Orange with a drydown of black Patchouli, Sandalwood & aged Vanilla.
It's quite sweet with woody undertones and totally stunning!
The Bathing Grains are made with our 3 salt base recipe (epsom, dead sea & fine marine) with tumbled Organic Shea Butter - and inside every bag is a cheeky little black marabou stork feather.
The perfume comes in a dark amber 5ml bottle.
The Shea Scrub comes in a 200g pot with an aluminium lid.
Soon to be available will be the much anticipated soap.

Also to come are other new products, which go by the names of:
'Shores of Fiji' & 'Pirates'.....

'Shores of Fiji' is a tropical paradise blend of dry but creamy coconut blended with lush ripe juicy mangoes. I love this one...and so do the people who recently purchased it at my last Vintage Fair. This will be available as soap, grains & scrub...and maybe perfume if it's liked enough.

'Pirates' is a blend of Oceanic winds tempered with fresh cut Marram grass, Sandalwood, Musk & Cedarwood. Quite a fresh scent inspired by the High Seas and Swashbuckling nutcases.
Again, will be available as soap, grains & scrub.
I will be back with more news as these new products take on their new lives.


TheSoapSister said...

Your new stuff sounds delicious! Gotta love a good swashbuckling nutcase!;) Love the little feather, too -nice touch! Photos are excellent, as always. :)

Amy Warden said...

How fun!! Love the feather idea - so creative! Can't wait to see the soap!

Ambra said...

OMG That sounds absolutely delicious! Love the photos, so sexy!

Topcat said...

Rook & Raven sounds divine Tiggy, as do your other new scents, and your pics are as always gorgeous :)

Anne-Marie said...

Great photos - very clean and appealing and the packaging really is clean and elegant as well. Nice job with that. And the fragrance blend sounds beguiling!

FuturePrimitive said...

thanks all.
can't wait to make the soap...i have good ideas for it.

Malchus Kern said...

Great one!