Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Most Treasured Barn...and a competition

The little barn - by Tracey Broome

The pendant...people beam in on it whenever I wear it.

My two treasured barns.
Ok...so this post is a long time overdue.
Back in July I entered a comp on Tracey Broome's blog to win a random item.
Whaddya know, I only went and bloody won!
When I saw my name come up I was so over the moon it was hard to contain myself. WHATever it was I would receive was gonna be super good.
Anyhooo....about a month or so later a package turns up in the mail, which I missed as I was working in Cheltenham that day.
The next day I go to the PO to pick up the parcel (thinking it was essential oils for soap) when to my surprise there was a sticker on the front saying it was from T Broome.
Oh man...you know what I did? I opened the box up whilst sitting in my car in the high street and the first thing I pull out is a very well wrapped item...little too big for a little something something!
I could NOT believe it. A beautiful, most humble little barn in the most exquisite colour you can imagine (my favourite colour of all...you've only gotta check out my soap to know this!)....a duck egg blue barn!
I unwrapped him and held him tight and the tears just rolled! I know...bloomin' cry baby or what...but you really don't know how much this meant to me.
I am an avid reader of Tracey's blog and when I'm not up to my neck in work I leave her comments (I know I should leave more) to let her know I'm about. And...these barns have had me hooked on her blog for weeks and weeks. They are absolutely amazing and I've wanted one since I saw them. NOBODY is making anything like these, they are completely unique...I only hope it stays that way.
I held that little barn to my chest and said 'YES!' with the most amount of joy I could muster.
Then...out pops a little pendant shaped like a barn and in the same colour. Oh man, I couldn't have wished for a better pressie. I put the pendant around my neck straight away and wore it all day...proudly showing everybody.
I felt truly blessed that day. I really really did.
Tracey...thank you with all my might...thank you!
The little barn hangs over our television at the moment (i know how crap) but will find a proud spot as soon as Matt has moved into his workshop and I regain my house and space! At least hanging over the TV I get to look at it rather a lot!

So...there you have it....
Now for some more excitement....
Wanna win some stuff from me? Here's your chance.
I agreed to do this when I entered Tracey's blog so here goes:
This is called the Generosity Train, which Tracey found here and which I am now to pass on.
Here's the deal...
Please leave me a comment here on this post to be entered into the competition.
The posting will be open until Saturday morning (GMT - London) when I will put all the names into a bowl, shuffle them up a bit then announce the winners.
I will get Matt to pick the names out and read them out to me so there is no chance of me knowing who it will be!
There will be 5 (yes 5) winners in total so you stand more of a chance here!
I then have up to 1 year to post out a random gift to each person.
Your gift could turn up at any time over the course of the next year.
How cool is that?!
Good luck..!


Tracey Broome said...

Well, Tig, you went and did it! I'm sitting here crying and reading your post. You are too kind! That little barn was a favorite of mine so I am very happy it has a lovely home with you!!! Don't enter me in the drawing I just wanted to say hi and thanks for your kind words!!

Petra said...

I'm sitting here teary eyed as well! What a wonderful story.
I would love to be a part of the Generosity Train

cookingwithgas said...

oh how very sweet and that Tracey! She is doing some fab stuff!
I love peeking in at what you are Matt are doing even if I don't bubble often- or blah!

Linda Starr said...

Tracey's barn's are great, love the green on this one and the pendant too. A generosity chain is such fun, count me in.

Trish said...

Tig..I am joining the 'teary eyed' grateful people this morning. :) I know how you felt as that was me when I won the jug from your man Matt. :) The generosity chain is a wonderful gift for all.
Good day to you..Trish from Alberta.

Kristen said...

All dewy-eyed here as well.... Those barns are to swoon over. I am leaping aboard this train!!
Thanks for my smile this morning.

Jennifer Young said...

I love the barns, the colour is so beautiful, and the idea of a generosity chain gives me wonderful hair raising warm-fuzzy goose-bumps. xo Jen

Anonymous said...

I love your gifts from Tracey, you lucky lucky thing! And I love the idea of the Generosity Train...please count me in.

Celine Blacow said...

Loving barn - great colour, I agree... and I adore the Generousity Train (admittedly I may not be able to spell it well though)... so count me in too, I really like that idea. I try to live by the Random Acts of Kindness ethos as much as I can so this is sort of an extension to it!

Anonymous said...

Looking up Tracey as soon as I'm done here - I am in love with that barn! Also in love with your soap - and your tutorials. You're practically a celebrity around here. Let's just put it this way, my husband knows who you are :0) Count me in.


Anonymous said...

I love the gifts that you received, make no wonder you were over the moon with them. What a brilliant idea the generosity train is< please count me in.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I'm in love with Tracey's barns, too. I'm eager to post my own Generosity Chain blog.

BTW, it was Tracey's blog that sent me to yours and to your Etsy shop to buy some soaps. Love them!

EnJabonArte said...

im in !! yeeiiii :D

Topcat said...

Oh Tiggy! That is beautiful and I am sure Tracey is more than repaid by your genuine, heartfelt response. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I would love to join your generosity train too and if I do win something wonderful from you be sure to get me to pay the postage to the other side of the world! :) xxx

The Morbid The Merrier said...

A fellow crybaby. I loves me some Tiggy!!!

Anonymous said...

wow fantastic prize
What a good idea the generosity train is,count me in please.


ren said...

ooh, can I jump on the train too?
Lovely story and a lovely idea.
off to look at your blog some more then to Tracey's blog too.
thank you

Bleu Verre said...

Hi Tiggy,

I love reading your blog regularly and seeing all the goodies you create. The Generosity Train is a beautiful idea and I would love to participate.

Anonymous said...

I've not heard of this before but I'd like to join. The barns are lovely - I'll pop over and look at that blog.

Donna (electrogirl68 on Fresholi)

pennycones said...

I too love the little barn :)

This sounds like a great thing to be involved in so count me in too.


Splurge Sisters said...

Oh both barns are beautiful. What a great idea to give away free products.

Jenny Kingcome said...

This is such a genius idea, I love the idea of a random delivery date. I might have to do it with some of our prints even if I don't win!

Oh, and your soap rocks - especially the Lancaster Bomber.

B said...

Oh, what a wonderful story! And what a wonderful present! Count me in, please! ^___^

Joanna said...

Meaning bulges from everywhere. I get chills during Kodak commercials.

Love the idea of your giving and gratitude passings-along thing.

xoxox Jo

Soapchick said...

Hi Tiggy
Generosity Train, what a fab idea!! Can you add me to its tracks please? Im sittin here knackered out but loving reading your blog - thanks! X

Ambra said...

Ouuu, I'm jumping on this train too. Love the idea.