Sunday, 19 September 2010

White Witch....

White Witch Perfume Oil - a bewitching brew of Black aged Indonesian Patchouli & Bourbon Geranium with a sprinkling of Patchouli Leaf and a nugget of Devils Claw Root Bark in every bottle.
It smells just as the soap does...only a tad stronger of course.

White Witch 3 Salt Bathing Grains - again the same beautiful blend.

White Witch Shea Butter Sugar Scrub made with 2 types of Fair Trade pure cane sugar, lashings of Organic Shea and again the White Witch essential oil blend.
On the top is a dusting of dried Patchouli leaf.

I've so enjoyed making all these ghoulish treats for Halloween and really hope they do well at the next Vintage Fair I've applied for on Oct. 30th.
My favourite out of the 3 is for certain 'Rook and Raven' with White Witch coming in a close second.
Pirates is a dreamy blend, which I love but after making the products found that I'd smelled it too much...yanno how blends do that to you know they're good when you're making them then all of a sudden you go off them as fast as you liked them!?
Well...that's me all over.
It's only when I come back to something after time has passed that I realise how good they were in the first place.
Thing with me is I start something, complete it then I immediately want to move on...which is what is happening.
Now my mind is contemplating late Autumn blends and the beginning of the Christmas countdown.
I'll be sick of Christmas when it finally arrives!


Tracey Broome said...

You expressed so clearly how I feel about my pottery! Not sure how long these structures I'm making are going to last, but I'll enjoy it while it's happening for me! I love the Halloween theme you have going on, my favorite time of year!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Love the name, and I love the photography too:) I've got to step my game up now lady!

Amy Warden said...

These are great! I know what you mean about being "over" a fragrance. Unfortunately, I've been over the Almost Paradise scent since it started curing...

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Patrice, Hi Amy!
Thank you for your comments. pics were so old hat I had to take some new ones for the new ranges. I had the old map background lurking about and had planned to use it a while back but now autumn winter are on the way it's more fitting. it gives a warmness to the pics I think. The dried grassy bits are from my palm tree in the garden and I'm surprised at just how much stuff I have lying about the place...some I'd forgotten about. A lot of stuff I use to make home incense...resins, dried leaves, herbs etc. has come in very handy for product shots.

TheSoapSister said...

I agree, the pics are fabulous! I really admire you ladies that have such a knack for taking such intriguing photos.