Monday, 1 November 2010

Pirates Range....on SALE

Pirates - the soap

Pirates 3 salt bathing grains

Pirates scrub and below the perfume oil.

If you fancy bagging a bargain head on over to the shop to the Black Bell Alley dept. or our Etsy
sale area to buy up some discontinued stock.
I've also done a You Tube video to explain why it won't be a permanent fellow in the FP line-up.
Most folks love this scent but it's just not for me and I don't agree with stocking something I'm not overly keen on myself.
Pirates is a fresh grass & beach breeze scent blended with Cedarwood, which gives it high notes of an oceanic aroma with dark undertones of wood.
Sounds nice, is nice, but not for me nice!
There will be some freebies for anybody who purchases the whole range.
I will throw in some of the more 'choice' samples so get yer skates on and have a little shop if you so desire.


Natalielala said...

Hi Tigs, just had a long soak in Pirates and have to say it was a real pleasure. The overall scent that filled the bathroom was quite a green sweet grass..You know I "see" scent as colour! When you sniff the Grains in the pack, it can be a little overwhelming as you know, but honestly gives a lovely, skin softening bath. Used the soap too, good lather and great to shave my legs with!! lol Sat here on puter now and can still smell the aroma of Pirates but is now nice and subtle. A nice fresh fragrance is lingering. I know its a limited edition but have to say that after using it...Would recommend!!
Your number one tester x Nats xx

FuturePrimitive said...

nice to know actually! but...i shan't stock it again as i want to introduce so many more newbies for spring. i am writing down ideas for spring colours & scents every night at the moment. x