Friday, 19 November 2010 strike, move or wash with a splashing sound

Rook & Raven Swash Pot & White Witch Swash Pot below.

Yeah, that sounds like fun to me.
To make a noise whilst scrubbing up with a ultra polishing scrubby wash.
That's exactly what we want you to do with these new 'Swash Pots' (sugar wash).
Scoop out a globule, tease it a little then gently rub it all over your bod (not your face, silly) in circular motions (not you, the swash) then rinse clean away to leave incredibly smooth, pampered skin.
These work a treat, I've been using them in my bathroom for the past couple of weeks and they're wonderous! I love a shea butter scrub but not so much the ring around the bath these are great for a rush job after work. You know the kind...when you don't want to clean up after your sorry self because you're work tired and all you want/need is a glass of red. I get like that rather a lot...ask Matt.
Mmm Mm.
Available very very soon in our little shop of delights.
The available scents will be:
Rook & Raven - left alone but with a bit of lilac for colour
Lavenders Black - with a smidge of activated charcoal to deep cleanse
No.11 - with a dusting of Aussie organic blue clay to help those with problematic/oily skin
White Witch - left alone, completely neutral white
Lagoon - with a sprinkle of Aussie organic olive clay to draw out impurities & tighten pores
Herbaceous - left alone. Nothing added
Elijah's Comfort - with Aussie organic pastel pink clay to hydrate, firm & tone (love the word pastel).
To be in with a chance of trying a sample for FREE, sign up to the mailing list which is up above on a new page...along with the Shop, YouTube & Facebook pages.
We will also announce the arrival of the new scrubs via our newsletter...which may include an introductory offer if I feel nice enough!


Splurge Sisters said...

These look so divine and I love the way you wrote this post (humorous and descriptive) :)

Anonymous said...

I agree - great post and fab-looking products!