Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tiggy from FuturePrimitive Soap cutting Inches Lane soap

Cutting Inches Lane soap. This is the 2nd batch of this soap, which is inspired by my Grandma and her old medicine chest...and the house she lived in on 'Inches Lane'.
A essential oil blend of Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Citrus & a smidge of Patchouli.
I mention a disinfectant like scent...but really it is very medicinal rather than school hall. It kinda reminds me of the smell of school halls when school is out and the mop buckets come into force.
I loved that smell...!
But...it's not quite so erm....school hall-y if you get me!
Enjoy x
Oh yeah...this soap is just regular cold process whereas the ones in the oven are CPOP.
Big massive hearty thanks to Sharon at Morgan Street Soap for her help and knowledge, which helped when trying this method for only the 2nd time ever. First time I got a volcano but there was some mix up with celcius and farenheit! (sssshhh - that was a long long time ago!)
Will post pics or video when I cut them in a sec.

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