Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Season...

The last frozen piles of snow are now far and few between. The earth is wet and rich. The smell in the air is dank and cold. There are no hints of florals or greenery; only a dark & biting, nasal cooling wind.
Some of the trees we encountered today had signs of new buds but it's as if everything is waiting...with one eye open. Waiting for the first warmth of the sun to grace included.
A month I have come to value and enjoy as it enables me to forsee a future. There is a calmness, bringing with it and a time to reflect on the previous year, whilst gathering inspiration from the great outdoors for new scent blends and soap colourings to mix into future batters!
The new calendar is up and awating notes of soap curing times.
5 new soaps are curing on the rack filling the air in the curing room with a strong, herbal aroma.
The plant season is upon me so some final amendments are to be made before orders fly in from all over.
I'm poised, willing, ready and able (i think) for the delights that Mr. 2011 will bring my way.
pictures taken today at Tiddesley Woods, Pershore, Worcs. UK.


Topcat said...

Your words evoke in me a sense of waiting - an unfolding full of possibilites. I love your photos and will enjoy seeing what creations 2011 brings your way :)

cookingwithgas said...

so nice to read inspiration and not dread.
Years travel quickly and being ready to hop on board is a good thing.
Happy New awaking!

Cocobong Soaps said...

Your post gives hope for relief in all of this never melting whiteness. I'm soooo sick of it! Thank you and blessings for your 2011! May you create batches of soap even grander than past ones

Amy Warden said...

I, too, am anxious to see what this year holds. It seems different somehow, even though it's just a new number on the calendar. Blessings to you!

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I liked all your photos and will enjoy seeing what creations 2011 you will present as I enjoy reading your blog thoroughly. As always you have something new to share.

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