Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One door opens...and one needs to shut.

The first 'drop' to appear in our garden. ↑

Muscari 'Baby's Breath' - just peeking thru ↑

↑ Crocus with their jackets closed...they've not opened yet to show the saffron.

↑ Eranthis Hyemalis (or winter aconite) in bloom.
Aren't they so pretty? I love their ballerina skirts!

↑ Echinops 'Blue Glow' with brand new furry leaves.
This is the plant with the globe-shaped blue ball flowers.
I love this!

↑ Allium 'Globemaster' in full leaf.
The flower bud and stem won't be up until around May. A long wait...but really really worth it. Bees love the flowers.
These are fab. The flower head gets bigger and bigger.
Each flower bud opens up like a little star and stretches out over the top of the already opened buds, creating a huge globe by the time it's done.
The power of plants and their habit amazes me. This is the part of spring and summer I look forward to the most. I absolutely revel in watching plants hatch into full bloom. It doesn't matter what kind of plant...grass, bulb, wild, hybrid...all have so much to offer the eye and I'm ready to take it all in and to find my inspiration for soap in all of the plants I grow and love.
Not just in my garden either...outside on our walks by the river...up in the the woods...wherever we end up this coming year you can be sure I'll write about it, Tweet about it, Facebook it, Blog it.
Actually...maybe not all of those things. This whole social media thing is becoming a bit of a joke to me, personally.
I was just having a think last night about all the things I do on the internet and to be really honest, most of it has started to make me annoyed and even sad at times.
I do it and have followed the masses and become part of a cyber world I can't say I care for too much.
It's ridiculous. I have a when it flashes red it means I either have a mention on Facebook or Twitter or it means I have an email to read. I don't want this! I want my peace back. A while ago, my phone broke and I had to wait for a new one. Lemme just tell you...those few days were bliss. NO flashing lights, NOBODY asking me a question about soap or whatever. NOTHING. NO BOTHER.
Then the new phone arrived...and I'm back on it like a lunatic.
I can't take this anymore. I want out. BUT, I've made friends and acquaintances and have become part of what I feel is an imaginary world. I know...I know these people are real, but I hope you get what I mean. It's not like knocking on a friends door and really laughing about life together is it? Or that spur of the moment thing. Everything you write has passed already.
So...what I'm saying is I like my real life better. I prefer my reality to my cyber.
I don't know how to make it turn around, but I am going to make an effort to leave my phone alone and to just get on with all that I do without unnecessary invasion.
I don't mind the emails so much. People can write a little more than the 140 character allowance you get on Twitter.
I like to interact, don't get me wrong...but there has to be a cull on all of these apps.
I'm excited about the prospect of some peace and to gain inspiration from all the nature on my doorstep.
It's time for change.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

do what you have to do :) golly, amazing flowers, I am jealous!

FuturePrimitive said...

i will gaz, thanks my lovely.
don't be jealous of my can share 'em via cyber scent tho sorry! xx

Linda Starr said...

Lovely Spring flowers.

Soapylove said...

Good for you. Reconnect with reality! I share a lot of your same feelings which is why I don't even own a crackberry. I know I would be totally obsessed. Working from home perpetuates that blending of work and personal time, which is a big negative.
Your flowers are amazing and the perfect reward for getting back to nature and away from this sometimes shallow online world. Cheers and enjoy!

Peacecat said...

Thanks for the lovely flower pictures...there's hope for spring yet!

As for social media, I know some folks want to make you believe you've got to be on every social site to BE somebody. Personally I find it incredibly annoying. I definitely prefer emails for one to one contact, even email newsletters are preferable to having to join someone's Facebook page! Blogs are by far my favorite way of catching up on my cyber friends. Don't feel guilty about feeling the need to unplug. Do what feels right and don't feel pressured to do them all.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I heart the little snow drop. How precious it is.

I don't even own a smart phone,I have a twitter acct. I never use. I have a fb acct. that I check in on to see mostly what family members are up to/view the latest pics etc. When I am not on I deactivate my acct.

I prefer to follow a few blogs myself. I work from home as well and sometimes have to work to stay focused and not read blogs, forums etc. all day.

Texting, tweeting, fb I think it's all a sad affair. My 19 year old son moved out around Thanksgiving - he only lives a few blocks away and instead of coming by or calling- he texts. I would much rather see him, or speak to him - but that is society now - I guess.

Stay true to the personal touch Tiggy.

Splurge Sisters said...

Your photos are lovely and it's nice to see things starting to bloom. I'm so glad I don't have an iphone or Blackberry. I have a very basic cell phone that I rarely use as it's just for emergencies. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out but I enjoy the peace from it all. I didn't even know you could get a flashing light to alert you of Facebook or Twitter posts. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

innerearthsoaps said...

I think I must be one of the few people in Sydney without an iphone, or a blackberry, or some such. I can send texts & pictures on my mobile, and make calls, and that's it ... just the way I like it!

Tracey Broome said...

I'm so glad people are coming to their senses and seeing what a waste of time twitter and facebook really are. I have refused to join in and I can't say it has mattered one tiny bit in my life that I don't do myface or spacebook! I do like my blog because I get a lot of information and sell from it. I would love for everyone to say enough already, just like you. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Here is a big shout out to you!!

Topcat said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing Tiggy....

I have to say I love facebook as it allows me to catch up with distant friends, both old and new. My fb business page is my only retail outlet so far and that works for me for now. Twitter confuses me and so I leave it alone, lol.

I love reading your blog posts so please keep on sharing that! :)

FuturePrimitive said...

Thanks gals!
I appreciate all the feedback.
Who knew so many felt the same!
I feel like I just woke up.
So nice to just get on with things and to have ideas flying around my head like they used to. The internet is like a time warp.

Melissa said...

Lucky for me I don't have good phone reception - yet to send my first sms. Only this morning I was thinking the definition of 'terroir', in the way that wine is closely tied to the soil, people and region from whence it came. I wondered about the significance of that concept for me and my soap making. Do I want to produce bars that could be from anywhere or is there a way to tie what I'm doing to the climate, vistas and sociology of my region?

Tiggy said...

Yes Melissa! That's exactly why you are in the right profession.
I don't think there is a better way to be inspired other than one's own surroundings.
The same goes for colours, styles etc of a website. It all has to tie in somehow I feel.

Amber said...

Oh Tiggy. I just lost what was possibly the longest comment ever.

The gist of it is, I am also feeling what you're talking about and hope that you can find the balance you need to bring peace and joy to your life. But I selfishly hope I don't lose touch with you in the process.

You do what makes you happy and live your life the way you want. We'll all be around wherever you choose to be. :)

Ghost Wytch said...

Wow! Someone else is feeling the same empty, shallow, hollow feeling that I've recently come to feel about facebook. I thought that I might have a sickness and was a minority. As of about 2 weeks ago, I've almost completely stopped posting there accept for my business page. And I feel much better emotionally and I'm more productive for it.

Your flowers are beautiful Tiggy. I love th aconite. I'm also jealous. Everything is still under snow here. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

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