Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Beltane on Bredon

Please shut the gate.



New soap...hmmm

Fresh tracks


Shepherd's Step

Miles & Miles of wall


How Green Was My Valley



Elephant Stone

Old Barn.

A little late posting this but Matt and I took a walk on 1st May to Bredon Hill, Worcs. UK.
Here is my little account of our day. I hope you enjoy the pics.
T'was tres beautiful...and I have a lot of inspiration for new summer soaps. do I get a dry stone wall effect into the middle of a slab of soap?


Bobbins and Balms said...

place looks stunning!!

Splurge Sisters said...

Oh the photos are so pretty and calm looking. I wish I was there.

Okay thinking out loud here what if you made a small batch of soap that was grey and cut it up into cubes, then make another batch that is black and cut it into thin 1 inch pieces. Then use the thin black pieces in between the grey making a checkerboard pattern etc so the black contrasts with the grey showing. Then make a normal batch of soap and lay this pattern in half way.

Britton said...

Incredible. I just adore the UK countryside! So much history and lore! I hope you had a good Beltane ;)

Amy Warden said...

It just begs to be made into soap, doesn't it? Gorgeous! Hey, I've seen plenty of grey textures in HP soap - you might have some luck embedding that in CP.

Joanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful place.

Wonderful living, yes?

FuturePrimitive said...

Thanks all. Splurge, that's a good idea. I like to create and love a challenge, but maybe that one would send me over the edge! I gotta make this easier.
Thanks Britton, I had a lovely day and hope you did too. You really should come to old Blighty, I know how much you love it!
Thanks Amy, I may use a bit of Pummice or something to make a grey with some charcoal but it's getting the wall effect in a simple way..hmm...
Jo Jo...yep, it is wonderful living. When you cop a mouthful of the fresh air there is no place like it on earth, I swear to you!

Brett Martin, Revelation in Stone said...

Love the elephant stone.
I found some, mime are smaller though.

Brett Martin, Revelation in Stone said...

Nice Elephant stone.
I found smaller ones.