Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Last few sale days remaining...and then....

With just a few days left of the Summer sale (it ends on Sunday 14th) we are working behind the scenes to bring in our Halloween/Autumn product release.

We will have 3 new soaps with complimentary products (sugar scrub, whip, perfume) along with some strictly limited edition products, which will only be up in the shop for a very short time before (dare I mention) work commences on Xmas production (sorry).

We have a theme for Halloween - all will be revealed shortly.

I may have tweeted/FB'd already but I certainly haven't blogged in a while. Apologies!

The Summer Solstice Release went absolutely nuts with me working like a pack horse trying to re-stock products that sold out straight away. Thrilling but tiring!

Sooo...I have tried to get ahead of myself for this next one so that I'm not stressing constantly and driving Matt insane!

Next week I will be taking a mini break with my mum. We are going to Portsmouth in Hampshire to look at old war ships in the old dockyard. We will look at 'The Warrior' & 'The Victory' and I'm sure more inspiration for soapy creations will infuse my brain. The smell of tarred rope does it for me! Oooh yeah! I will take pics and will try to blog a few for you.

It will be nice to stroll leisurely along the beach, putting the world to rights whilst eating freshly caught fish. It will be nice to be away from work for a few days with no excuses to 'just finish this'.

I hope you are all doing well my dears. I for one am loving the slow arrival of Autumn. There is already a scent in the hedgerows here...ripe plums!

Be good x

PS: (If you want to order use TWENTY in the discount box at checkout BTW. Everything in the shop has 20% off. Yep everything)

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the coupon code is not working for me...any ideas why?