Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Friendship Soap

Good Day!

I was asked to create a friendship soap for one of my good soaping friends, Donna from Valhalla Soap Co. Well, I actually chose Donna to make the soap for and she is making mine (can't wait!).
This is my first soap of the season and is a soap to signify hope and friendship and to give good wishes to Donna for the coming year. The colours I chose because I see Donna as an earthy soul with many hidden depths. The scent is a mossy, earthy, citrus made with fragrance and essential oils. I used Cypress, Palmarosa and Lemongrass eo's with 2 beautiful earthy fragrance oils.
The moss on the top was gathered from my garden.
The blend was chosen to give Donna protection, to bring her wealth and to give her vision.
I had so much fun making this soap.
Maybe because it isn't a soap from my range that I HAVE to make, I was allowed to get lost in my happy place for a while without that feeling of 'have to'.
I love making soap, that much is apparent. But when I have a list of soap to re-stock the fun can sometimes get a little lost. Getting creative is what I like best about soaping so making new ones and especially one for a very special somebody filled me with an inner peace.
I hope she likes the scent! (be a bummer if not huh?!).
Happy 2012 to you all! May it be a very happy, peaceful year for everybody.


Topcat said...

Mmmm....that scent blend sounds lovely and I am sure Donna will enjoy it. Your colours are amazing Tiggy ~ and that blade made the BEST 'hanger' swirl! Will the white stay that way, or deepen in shade over time? I think you may have just created a keeper for your line <3

Maleficent Megtron said...

It sounds absolutely lovely and I'm sure she'll love it. I totally feel you with the excitement of making something new in the soapy happy place instead of restocks...I almost always go "awl do I have to?" when it's restocking time. Despite how much I love making everything! The excitement and creativity of something new or experiment can never be beat.

Linda Starr said...

Those eo's and fragrances together sound wonderful and that look of the soap is beautiful.

Holly said...

It really is so beautiful. Donna will love it no matter what. I really am liking the layers and the shape of the bars as well.

Celine Blacow said...

Very lovely soap ... love the colours and love the hacksaw swirl (had to laugh at that!)... you make me want to try ultramarines more I think. Love it!

Tiggy said...

Thanks for dropping by everybody.
Glad you like the soap.
I actually really like the shape it came out. They're so nice to hold in your hands.
Tan..the white should stay white. There are no fo's in there that will cause discoloration but you never know. So far so good..and you can usually tell if something's gonna turn right?
I think I may adapt the blend somewhere along the line and bring it to the spring range. It's so fresh and clean with a 'dirty' base.

innerearthsoaps said...

Very cool! I'm sure she will love it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! so creative! wish i could smell it from here!

Milla said...

This soap turned out so beautifully! I love the moss on top and love the shape of the bars. The colors are perfect too.

The Soap Sister said...

what a beautiful color combination. The fragrance sounds like a real treat, too. Love the moss -nice touch! :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Criminy. I just came in from burning wood in the calf lot to check a few soap blogs and found this lovely creation. Now I will instantly have to stop my outside farm work and make abatch of soap like this. I hope. Thanks for the inspiration.