Friday, 24 February 2012

Spring Release

It's spring...'tis, 'tis...and there ain't nobody gon' tell me otherwise!
Whilst the daffs be growing and the snowdrops be nodding and the winter aconites be flowering along with the crocus...we haz soap on the shelves, which is selling like 'ot cakes.
The FP Spring Release has gone live and to top it off I will be moving my little company into new business premises. I only went and got meself a workshop! It's situated at the back of a long-lived Beauty Salon in my home town of Evesham, Worcs. The salon, 'Beaumonde' has been there for 25 years and has long been giving local women the most fabulous of treatments using Decleor (swoon) and Guinot products. It's a right little hive of activity and my room at the back is so lovely. I even have my own kitchen and toilet!
I can't wait to crack on and get larger soap batches made and to actually go out in my car to work...(or walk through town when it's nice outside) rather than try in vain to shift my arse out of bed before 8am.  Working form home really isn't all it's cracked up to be unless you're very strict with yourself...and I'm not very good at that. Don't get me wrong...once I'm working, I'm working like a queen bee but some days I faff so much that before I know it noon has arrived and I could kick myself, so this way I will be setting my alarm for 7am, getting up, eating breakfast and setting off to hit the workshop for 8.30am and don't intend to go home until 5pm each day.
The salon will be stocking my soap, but I can also have paying visitors too, which is great.
Once I'm in I shall post pics for you to see my new space (especially my new loo! ha!) and maybe a silent video.....
For now, here's a bit of eye candy from the release:

Black Honey soap

Black Honey scrub

Clotted Peach Cream Aromatic Oil

Cuckoo Call Whipped Soap

Green Room soap (my fave)

The Promenade Body Whip

The Shire soap


Jennifer Young said...

I am SOOO excited for you. All sounds brilliant. Your soaps look stunning, as usual... xo Jen

Tiggy said...

Thanks Jen! x

Sonja said...

Good luck in your new adventure! Congratulations for your soaps!

Ambra said...

I love The green Room. The color is lovely, the white tops just scrumptious and the scent sound really fresh.

Topcat said...

Ooh Tiggy you will love being so.. I was going to say 'organised' but you already are..
Having your own defined creating space will be perfect for so many reasons (all of which you know!) and I am really excited for you xxx

You newest released soaps are so pretty! I especially love The Shire <3

The Soap Sister said...

'Can't wait to see your new studio -very excited for you, Tiggy! Oh and the Shire soap is incredible -pure artistry in a bar. :) ~Becky

Amy said...

Tiggy! So happy for you to get your own space. I know it will help you achieve your goals! Best wishes - Amy

Holly said...

What a gorgeous line of new products! They all look wonderful. The black honey one is so intriguing. I am looking forward to your workshop pics! Yay!

Anne-Marie said...

Your new soaps look great and I love the layering in the Black Honey Soap! Fantastic!! said...

My favourite one is the Honey soap: really really nice!!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Everything looks so beautiful, especially The Shire soap. mmmm So pretty!! <3