Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I'medusa (a play on words)

I'm a juicer!
These past couple of weeks I've been a juicing mad woman.  I can't get enough of the benefits my body is feeling not to mention my skin....and my soap.
After pigging out on cake and cream and sweets for too long I decided it's time to break the habit and get healthy.  I've always been one for salad and fruits and wholesome vegetables and I do cook good meals for Matt and I at home, but I felt that I needed to change up my own diet.
I find it difficult to diet, I don't really need to do that anyways.  What I basically wanted was a healthier intake of food and drink.  I find it hard to 'eat' lots of fruit and veg so what better way to do it than to juice it all?! Pro's and con's there are but I feel better, I look better and to top it off the weight is coming off my middle!
How it all started...
I was scanning a second hand thrift shop in my home town for shelving for the workshop...oh and I also wanted a cafetiere so that I could enjoy good coffee as opposed to freeze dried crap.  I found my cafetiere - a Bodum one for £3.  BUT then I scanned some more and found a few little gadgets.  I'm not one for kitchen gadgets usually, but on this day the prices were too good to walk away.
I found a juicer! Kenwood, brand new for £3! I mean, £3...! *snatched*.
I then only went and found a Kenwood Smoothie Maker - £ Matt has been enjoying Banana & Ice Cream smoothies! Can't say I'm jealous...I'm really not.  Juice all the!'s a few Instagram shots of my recent juices and what they contained.

Monday Juice - 2 Cox's Apples, 2 Celery sticks, 1/2 a Cucumber and 1/2 a Galia Melon

Tuesday Juice - 1 red Grapefruit, 2 Celery sticks, 2 Cox's Apples, 1 Beetroot & an inch piece of Ginger

Wednesday Juice we're getting into
 EXTREME (  juicing!
1 Cox's apple, 3 Celery sticks, 1/4 Cucumber, 1 Orange & several Spring Green leaves. this point I was thinking 'ack' but yep..surprisingly good with a very clean taste.

Now....what to do with all that pulp?????

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Tracey Broome said...

I am INSPIRED! These sound so good, are you going to publish a recipe book for me!?!? At least make a juicing blog, haha!

Michelle Somers said...

How timely as I started juicing 3 weeks ago inspired by a movie I recently saw (can't remember the name but it was a free viewing for one day. Joe from "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" (another must see) was on it.

I've been feeling great as well and energized. Your combinations look great. Way to go.


Tracey Broome said...

I went and bought a juicer this morning!!! Just had mango, pineapple, apple, tangerine with rice syrup for a little sweetness. Why have I not thought about this before?! Look for a post about you tomorrow :)
Soooo glad you blogged about this xo

Michelle Somers said...


You can make raw seed crackers with the pulp?


Topcat said...

Me too Tiggy! I started juicing again about a month ago and I am loving it. My favourite morning juice is carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach, broccoli or asian greens and parsley - yum!

I am using the pulp in a yummy quick bread recipe as well as adding to stews (it's winter here). My next effort will be making pulp crackers :)

Tiggy said...

ha ha trace! they're so good. i am by no means an expert juicer but i think it is best to mix in veg with your fruits. too much fruit will go straight through you and the fructose present in the fruit will turn into fat. green juices are lovely. use plenty of leafy greens and add fruit for sweetness. i drink mine over ice too so it makes for a nice summery drink. pulp crackers sound interesting. i need to learn more.