Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Our Summer Solstice Release went live on our website yesterday.
Here's a few pics as I've absolutely no idea what to write, it's been so long!
And there was I saying I would be a better blogger. Pah!

'Cavendish Banana' 

'Festival'- remember this old chestnut? 

'Market Square'- with a whole pulped Kiwi & a lime. 

'Roman Bath House' - test batch 

'Tea Rooms' 

'The Olde Embankment' 

'Urchin Girl' 

I'm so completely out of touch with writing.  It seems that picture taking and tweeting has taken over.  I remember the good old days of mellow...yanno, just writing a weekly blog entry and interacting with many soapers across the globe via the comments form.  I now interact via video or my Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter. WTH happened?!!!
I think one needs to take stock and chill a little more. Nowadays writing a blog post is almost like putting pen  to gotta think a little before posting.  It used to come so easy to me, but yes, I'm struggling here.
I hope to do better next time.  Enjoy the pictures! x


DebH said...

unbelievably gorgeous soaps! Be very proud! Those are just amazing and good to see you!

Topcat said...

Hi Tiggy! You will get back into the swing of it. I just did. Although you write waaaaay better than I can xxx

Love your pics too btw <3

Anne-Marie said...

These are so pretty! I'm super in love with the Festival and Urchin Girls soaps. Thanks for sharing. =)

Milla said...

Beautiful soaps!

Suzie said...

I'm so excited to get my order in the mail! I wanted to order all of the soaps, they all look so pretty. I did have to limit myself though. :)

Tiggy said...

Thanks so much everybody xx