Monday 17 January 2011

7 Sins...

Stylin': Deep, dark chocolate cake with fondant icing fingers and cinnamon quills with thick dollops of whipped cream, dusted with mixed spice.

Scentin': 7 sins...of naughtiness. Banana cake infused with Ginger, topped with Vanilla Frosting and drizzled with melted Dark Chocolate. Toasted Madagascan Vanilla bean with a dribble of Honey and finished with a scattering of Hot Buttered Popcorn.

Butterin': Un-refined, dark, organic Cocoa Butter from Kenya.

A bit more....I decided to have a pop at creating a cake inspired soap after watching Kia from Beacon Creations do her thang on YouTube. She has such a flair for creating the ultimate in textured tops and for creating a want for her products inside me so deep that I want to buy her soaps all the time just lately. (i just placed an order...shhh!).
She makes all kinds of different soaps and I love how she talks you through what she's been doing. Her video's also chill me out so much so that I watch them before slumber.
Anyways, this soap is a one off from me. I rarely use 100% fragrance oils in my soaps so this is like somebody else made it. I walk into the curing room and sniff it not really registering that I made it!
I was so happy with the results though, really. Thanks Kia!
At this time of the year my thoughts turn to pastels, to finely iced cakes and to flowers and leaves...and my birthday is just around the corner so I am starting to feel very spring-like and inspired by what's happening around me in the outside world so much that my soap ideas are now flowing for summer soaps.
I have a few from the original line up to make once my Patchouli oil turns up (how I got so low I don't know), then I'll be cracking on with some newbies again.
Hope you like this one.