Friday 17 May 2013

Summer Release 2013


I am pretty much all set to go for our release on Sunday.
We have some new scents this year and a whopping 14 different soap varieties (some test batches in that number) on offer.
There are 7 main scents, which include the following:

Black Sands - The purest, darkest Black Patchouli oil. An essence to completely wash away all negativity & stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Cold Pillow - A cold pillow filled with Cotswold Lavender buds,  Geranium leaves & Indian Vetiver grass roots sits on top of a feather bed, ready for you to rest your weary head.
NB: The name Cold Pillow came from my nephew, Ethan, who as a small child always carried a cold pillow with him for comfort.

Rolling Hills - A patchwork of rolling hills, little copses and secret hideaways. The scent of dark green Juniper bushes, Cedar & Pine trees, Lavender rows and hints of plump, green Limes.

St. Ives Bay - Softly lapping waves of azure blue, A warm, salty sea breeze, Mineral-rich seaweed and a hint of Mediterranean Orange Zest.

Urban Jungle - The old favourite is back again.  We have been producing this soap for about the past 3 years.  A fresh, aquatic blend of wet jungle notes. Freshly cut Bamboo canes, Indonesian Patchouli, Frankincense resin & plump Lemons ripe for the picking.

The Warrior - A salty, briny, wooden war ship misted with sea spray.  The scent of tarred rigging ropes, crates of Israeli figs, citrus fruits & rich, luscious spices warmed by the sun and finally the rarest and most pure Frankincense & Amber resins wrapped in sail cloth.

Here's a few pics from the shelves...

Packaged soaps

 St. Ives Bay waiting to be packaged....

 Black Sands Product shot 
(taken outside on a rainy day)
  I find that sunlight can cast too many shadows on pictures so I always choose a dull, cloudy day to take mine as I feel I can capture the colours and contrasts much better this way.

 Jars of Sugar Buff

 Urban Jungle soap waiting to be packaged....

This afternoon (Friday) I have a new batch of Black Honey soap to cut up, and the above soaps to package.
My back has been very painful this week, and to top that off I came down with a really horrid head cold again...seems I just keep getting ill whenever I stop production after working on release soaps.
I guess when I get time to chill, this is what happens.  My old boss from the nursery, Bob Brown used to say the same thing. You go hell for leather with work, and when you come to stop and get a bit of rest illness kicks in! So odd, and so annoying and maybe a reminder to ones self to take more breathers during production. Gah!

Anyway, I'm all good today and looking forward to the weekend.  I gotta rest up as next week will more than likely be a bit mad.

Thanks for reading