Friday 11 March 2022

The Ghost of Witley Court Handmade Soap

Here I share the making of The Ghost of Witley Court handmade soap. Made with a parma violet fragrance, and coloured with a deep purple mica swirl on a titanium dioxide base.
The fragrance used is from Scent Perfique here in the UK. It performs perfectly, doesn't cause any issues or discolouration. 
I did a 40% water discount, which is basically removing 40% of the required water in order to eliminate soda ash, and to create a nice smooth top on the soap. I find that it can cut the cure time down a bit, but only by about a week. I still like to cure my soaps for at least 4 weeks and I leave them unpackaged for some time, just packaging what I need to for orders. This helps the bars harden better as the air is constantly circulating around them as they sit.
This fragrance behaves so the batter didn't thicken up on me quickly, in fact I had plenty of time to swirl the two colours together, and to create that lovely blobby top!

To watch the video click here to open in a new window: YouTube making video