Wednesday 24 February 2010

harvest moon...already?

nice balls. nice peaks. A newbie. I dunno why but I had this 'orange' thing going on in my head for a few days, so I thought before I have to re-produce all of my regular range of soap, I'll get this one outta my system. It kept eating away at me. Sometimes, the need to create a new one gets to you. It can sometimes be a chore when making the same soaps over and over....for me anyway...anyone else? So...a bit of pad 'n pen action brought me to an essential oil combo of Sweet Orange, Clove Bud, Patchouli & Ginger. As I write, I'm thinking there's another oil that I added, but I can't remember right now if there is or not! Will have to check my notes...but I can't remember where I put those either. Never mind. They'll turn up. Now, I'm not a fan of ginger when smelling it straight outta the me it smells somewhat 'doggie'....or rather like 'doggie biscuits', but when added into a blend in very small quantities I find it very, very pleasant. Even when cutting, this soap smelled divine and after a few days curing the scent has changed a little more into a 'fresh linen'-like scent. Very nice, especially when created naturally. I didn't have a name until I cut it. When I sliced the batch open, the balls looked like moons and the colour looked like harvest hay. So, there was my little soap making up it's own name all by itself. I bring you 'Harvest Moon'. Funny, I used to sell an Echinacea plant called just that too....but it died every time I tried to grow it. Hopefully, this soap will live long...and prosper.


Erin Napier said...

Tiggy you must be reading my mind ... I was going to do an autumn soap with this same name in March. Similar EO blend too - but with black pepper instead of patchouli. Weird!

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

this has happened with us loonies before hasn't it!
i had black pepper in mind, and really wanted to use it but i'd run out....that's even weirder!

Tracy x said...

i am constantly amazed at your creations - this one sounds delish
t x

Teresa said...

Sounds delish!
I think it is the long winter making us long for a switch-up and citrus!

Soaps and Bubbles said...

your soaps are simply amazing...where do you come up with such lovely ideas? ur work is fantastic, truly you have a gift. I wish I would one day have the same inspiration.

Topcat said...

Love it!

I find myself waking up in the night with a new soap idea already in place in my

Love the sound of your scent combo too! :)

Alexandra said...

This looks fantastic xxx

Dan Finnegan said...

Oh, happy day! Your lovely soap arrived yesterday and everyone is delighted! The outer packaging was beat to bits, but all the soap was just fine. Gorgeous new packaging/labels. Nicest smelling 'paper goods' I've ever received!
We may as well start planning the next shipment.
Many thanks

Lisa Gee said...

Ah Tiggy, I just love you......and your soaps! Why don't you move to America....we need people like you. Your soaps are fantastic and if you don't mind I'd like to do a soap porn segment on my new blog with yours. Ta!


Jennifer Young said...

Hello Tiggy, I am a fellow soap-maker, relatively new at this, and really admire what you are doing. Your soaps look gorgeous! I am Canadian but living in Southern Spain. One of my issues is getting products (well the local Olive Oil & beeswax is fabulous). I usually import from the UK. Can you recommend a supplier for pure essential oils? I am kind of purchasing from different, testing quality... but would love a recommendation. Have ordered from Soup Kitchen and Just a Soap previously. I tried making a soap this morning, attempting the sensational black line from your tutorial.... cannot wait to uncover it tomorrow!!!!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Love love love the look of the soap balls and how the entire batch turned out. And, it's a nice name for it too! =)

Kathy@ScentedGrove said...

Nice balls indeed lol! Awesome design Tigs - that's one "labour of love" soap for sure - beautiful!!


FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

thanks v much for all your comments. much appreciated as ever.

Soapchick said...

Fab soap, I love the orange, clove, patchouli & ginger idea. Im playing with citrus scents at the moment and loving them. putting a blog link on my blog. Thanks for your kind comments yesterday.