Tuesday 22 February 2022

Soap Packaging

Something I struggled with for a good couple of years...soap packaging.
I toyed with brown kraft paper, with cello bags (no good as the soap sweats), with thick paper with my logo, with cloth, with muslin...so many things...
I haven't shown the packaging of my soaps for quite some time.
I think the last post I did on this subject included my soaps with the gardeners string tied around them.
I soon tired of that as it's so time consuming when packaging larger wholesale orders.
Finally I allowed myself to agree on these strips, which simply wrap over each soap and are secured at the base.
All relevant info is on each strip.
I like the packaging colours to compliment what is inside.
The paper I have also allows the buyer to see the beauty inside too. Not see - through but near as damn it.
I know a lot of people struggle with packaging so please know that I have too.
I love a simple cigar band myself but when stocking in retail shops I think it's better to have the soaps wrapped.
I must say that Jaq from Soaphora has the most exquisite packaging.
Click here to see her Etsy...it's wonderful soap too!
I've been working hard on new strips for some of the new soaps I have made over the past few weeks. All will be revealed soon...the run up to xmas is just around the corner. I have 3 new soaps to show you very soon....


Teresa said...

Dearest Tiggy,
That packaging look good!
I struggle with packaging and labeling too.
I switch up - but, no matter what - it is time-consuming. Consumed time that I would rather spend making soap!
Thanks, as always, for your post! Cheers,

Unknown said...

I love the thin paper you have under the strip! What is it and where do you order that from? Thanks in advance!


Anne-Marie said...

Simple packaging can be the most elegant and refined. I love the paper and style you've chosen.

The Soap Sister said...

Very nice, Tiggy. I've struggled with bands getting loose, but find that by wrapping first and extending my tape (on the back)from band to wrappers keeps them from shifting. Because your soaps are GORGEOUS, I would want them to show outright, too!

You're obviously a whiz with the 'puter, 'cause all the printing is where it should be on the wrapped bar. Lastly, I have to say your FP tissue is the bomb!

Topcat said...

Looks simple, refreshing, elegant and just totally awesome Tiggy! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me tell you that your soap is beautiful! I am very impressed with your artistry.

I know this post is old, but I too was wondering if you'd share a couple of things about your wrapping: what kind of paper is that that's sort of see through-ish? Also, how do you do your cigar band labels? I ask because I see the perfectly even dark edges and I'm guessing you could not have cut those by hand. Do you purchase the labels pre-cut and printed? Thank you for sharing and for your wonderful blog!