Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yule Production 2013

A picture heavy post of our soap production over the past 8 weeks or so...

Freshly peaked 'Ebeneezer' soap - an essential oil blend including Eucalyptus, Pine, 
Lemongrass & Lime.

Unmoulded soaps (Ebeneezer & Cratchit)

Freshly poured, peaked & sprinkled 'Sixpence Pudding'
an essential oil blend of many oils to produce an authentic Xmas Pud scent.

Soap logs of 'In The Pines' soap. 
An essential oil blend of Siberian Fir Needle, Himalayan Cedar, Scotch Pine, Ho Wood 
and Lavender.

Back for Yule 2013! An old classic of ours....Bar HUMBUG!
Originally made in 2007 and on general release in 2009 as par of our Organic range.

A close up of Bar Humbug...

A close up of Cratchit

Snowdrift is back...!

A recent batch of White Witch

A new look for Rook & Raven. The birds will be made of soap next time, this time they are 
black paper birds!

A close up of Chocolatier soap

And Festival....god bless it!

Cratchit...curing on the shelf

Labels at the ready...this weekend will be well spent!

Pure white soap balls that I used in Bar Humbug

and finally....getting ready for product shots (not the best pic but you get the...erm...picture)

Our Yule Release for 2013 goes live this Friday night 
at 7pm (London Time).


Topcat said...

They all look amazing Tiggy! Surprisingly, my favourite pic is the plain soap with your labels sitting on top. Gorgeous <3

Ambra said...

Your soaps have always looked absolutely beautiful.

Kate said...

Tiggy, these look incredible!

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

thanks so much!

Bagatha said...

Hi Tiggy, I just commented over on Youtube as kallisti, so now I'm saying hello over here as well. Hello! Still wishing for Smell-O-Vision, or possibly scratch-and-sniff technology added to touch screens.

All these soaps look amazing, but Bar Humbug and Rook & Raven are my favourites. I love the little birdies, and I have a thing for black and white soap. Love.

Lori(The Hen and Her Chicks) said...

Hey Tiggy ;0)
Your soaps always look so amazing. I love the way you texture the tops and the names you come up with are great.

x said...

Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog randomly and...
I was totally in awe scrolling through the beautiful soap you made. They look so delicious! :P
The colour is classy, texture is rich and it's all packed with goodies. It's a real eye opener to soap making. I've been melting glycerin bars into my owl-shaped mould for home use, and thought that was good enough, but your blog had really inspired me to make something more!
Thank you for interesting read :) All the best !

Unknown said...

These soaps look amazing! I would love to get my hands on some. They look good enough to eat. The ingredients are so natural too which is refreshing!