Tuesday 28 February 2023

Recent handmade soap offerings

A pic heavy post of some soaps I've made recently. Most are restocks.

Lime Cooler Handmade Soap. Made with a sweet sugary lime fragrance oil. Simple green swirl on white base.

Protection Handmade Soap from The Witchcraft Collection. Made with an herbal infusion and an essential oil blend to help create a protective aura around yourself if you feel under attack from outside influences. 

Magpie Handmade Soap. An essential oil blend of spearmint and patchouli. This one has been in the line for quite some time. Made with activated bamboo charcoal. 

Call The Corners Handmade Soap. Another one from The Witchcraft Collection. My favourite of the bunch right now. This essential oil blend is super good. Lavender, Palmarosa, Patchouli and a smidge of Spearmint. The blend has been designed to honour the four elements. Made with Brazilian yellow clay.

Everybody's favourite White Witch Handmade soap. A classic blend of Indonesian patchouli and geranium.

Money Magick Handmade Soap with an essential oil blend to attract wealth and abundance. Made with an herbal infusion and a mint leaf scatter. Contains cedar, ginger, orange, and a few others. Smells divine!

Coconut Milk & Lavender Handmade Soap. Made with coconut milk and Bulgarian lavender oil. A reserved sprinkle of local lavender flowers on top. 

Wild Fig Handmade Soap will be back for spring sometime at the start of March. If you like the diptyque candle 'Figuier' you'll probably love this. I find the scent quite similar. 

Inches Lane Handmade Soap packaging. I still use our own branded wrap with a simple cigar band. Always finished with a wax seal. 

My word, times have changed since I started this blog. I've just written this from my phone. I can remember sitting on our desktop computer at home, taking it in turns with Matt to use the thing so that we could both upload to our blogs. There was no real social media. No Facebook or Instagram. YouTube was just about to be a thing! 
It's been nice to do this again. I should do more. 
Until next time, Tiggy x

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Anonymous said...

Lovely blog post with beautiful soaps!