Thursday 13 July 2023

The Lost Boys Collection

80s film fan? Us too!

The Lost Boys is one of our favourite cult classics so what better way to honour the movie than a whole bath and body collection dedicated to it? 

With scents plucked from our imagination you are taken on a journey back to Santa Carla - the home of the vampire!

The scent list is as follows:

Head Vampire - Suave, sophisticated, and totally untrustworthy. Saffron & mugwort, violet leaf, heavy musk, amber, drying incense, and oud entwined with notes of leather and light citrus.

Boardwalk - Blue cotton candy, coconut pulp, an old wooden carousel, pin ball machines, and salty sea air.

Civilian Wardrobe - Vintage comic books, army greens, a smidge of aftershave, and worn leather Nike’s.

Star - Sun drenched skin, caramel, freshly-washed hair infused with incense smoke, a crisp white cotton vest, and red lipstick.

Thou Shall Not Fall - A balmy seaside breeze carrying soft notes of caramel marshmallows, warm vanilla infused honey, and soft patchouli from a leather biker jacket.

In this collection you will find handmade soap, three in one whipped soap (for use on hair, body, and as a shave cream), luxury body cream, and conditioning hair rinse.

This collection is only available once per year - usually in the middle of summer to keep the vibe of the film alive. The Lost Boys is set in the fictional town of Santa Carla, California, where the sun always shines - apart from at night when the predators come out, of course!

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See you soon, vampire lovers!


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