Tuesday, 21 July 2009

new organics

click pic to view 'no.11' in my etsy

click pic to view 'floral marquee in my etsy

Now available from my futureprimitive online store and on my etsy are the first 2 organic 6oz soap chunks.
i am using 'no. 11' already! very nice 'tis too. a blend of juniper, black pepper, cedarwood, ho wood and patchouli.
A creamy bar with a thick lather and a subtle woody scent. the notes of black pepper stand out, as does the juniper...in fact all of the essential oils come up trumps in a 'one by one' kinda way.
The patchouli works in the way it should....it doesn't actually smell like itself in this blend...more of a deep tone that mellows, than a full on hippy scent.
the other is 'floral marquee', which i was going to name 'pelargonium parfait'. I changed my thinking cap and floral marquee is way more fitting. it's what the scent combo reminded me of after a week of thought.
After having worked at the RHS Malvern Spring Gardening Show (in the floral marquee) on many an occasion, I remember the heady rush of floral scents that hit my nasal passages as soon as I entered the doorway...a very pleasing aroma!

I have a busy old week this week, then next week I'm on hols. Supposed to visit cornwall but it looks like i may be busy coming up with new ideas for new soaps. This evening however, I have soapers block!


Lomond Soap said...

Both look decidedly yummy! Lovely peaked tops (as ever).

FuturePrimitive said...

hi corrie - thank you my deario!

A Lil Crunchi said...

I really like the top soap. Now do you do cold process or hot process. I was wondering can you leave the cover off of a cold process soap when it is in the mold or will it not set?

FuturePrimitive said...

Hello A Lil...cold process. Not really sure what you mean about the cover...I pour my soap into a mold, cover it with cardboard and towels & let it saponify for 24 hours. I then remove it from the mold and cut it. Soap will set regardless of a cover..

steam showers said...

The no.11 sounds exquisite but saying that they all look good!

It is a real pleasure looking at the creativeness you have in making soap.

FuturePrimitive said...

thank you steam showers! very nice comments x

Michelle said...

Beautiful soap, I love the way you get that thin line of color in between the two layers.

Amy W said...

I almost tried your cocoa powder trick with my Cherries & Chestnuts soap, but the fragrance bottle said it would discolor to dark brown, so I figured you wouldn't be able to see it.